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In response the germane queries raised by Azuka Onwuka in his piece titled "Nigeria must decide what they want from Igbo" and bearing in mind the referenced paradigm of the Singaporean experience in Malaysia, I will want to contend, in this era of better established global  Protocols on Self-Determination, that it is Igbo that must decide what it will do with itself and with Nigeria.

I note that the prevailing Global Self-Determination Protocols  in the days of the Singaporean expulsion from Malaysia as well as the 1967-1970 Biafra War of Independence, were significantly different from what they are now. I also note the radical differences in the situation and motivations of the rest of Malaysia against the Singaporeans of the time in contradistinction with those of the rest of Nigeria against the Igbo/Eastern Nigeria.

Nigeria decided, enforced and still enforce what it wanted from the Igbo since 1966: Igbo blood. Igbo Servitude. Igbo Obeisance. Igbo Pain. Igbo Debilitation. Igbo Expropriation.

Nigeria has institutionalized the framework and mechanism for extracting these from Igbo on a permanent, nonnegotiable and unchallengeable basis.

The instrument of that enshacklement  Framework against Igbo, is the Unitarist Constitution of Nigeria, 1999 and the Mechanism is the unspoken preservation of the 1967 rest-of-Nigeria Alliance, as rickety as it has become.

Igbo must now find the courage to define itself, despite and inspite of Nigeria. Igbo must now find the Wisdom, Tact and Strategy to reverse its largely fixed negative situation in toxic Nigeria.

Until recently, two options were open for the Igbo to prosecute what is without doubt, an inevitable self-redemption task, by


Getting the Unitarist One-Nigeria to revert back to the Federation of Nigeria it was founded agreed to be, jettisoned since 1966


Finding some way to end the pretence of being a component of the inverted  "Federation of Nigeria", when it is merely a conquered Territory, occupied by the 1967 Alliance, on terribly skewed and oppressive Terms as encapsulated by the imposed Master-Servant Constitution 1999.

Incidentally, the first of these aforementioned Options, which was framed as "Restructuring" all these years by the Yoruba wing of the 1967 Alliance, came to grief and got extinguished by the year 2000 simultaneous  introduction of the Sharia  Complication by the 12-State Caliphate Contiguity of the Predominantly Muslim North, into and already vexed situation, extinguished that first Option, since the adherents of Sharia owe it an eternal duty of faith to kill the "Infidel" and the Campaign for those killings have been launched against the "infidels" already.

The illusions that lingered for so long about the prospects of some "Restructuring", ran into a deep ditch when the Northern Delegates to the 2014 National Conference came out April 2017, to disown and totally repudiate the outcome of that Federal Government's Initiative towards Restructuring.

Added to the ubiquitous  "One-Nigeria-is-nonnegotiable" chants from the hawkish Conservative North, it could be said that the North has stonewalled and foreclosed on the Restructuring Option.

From the Yoruba side, only last week, the  "Coordinating Vice-President" (whatever that means), Prof Yemi Osinbajo, expressly dismissed the calls for Restructuring, publicly.

As the Chief Emissary of the Western Region in the 1967 Alliance that marauds as the "Federal Government of Nigeria", it can also be safely said that the Yoruba West embrace Restructuring only on the pages of Newspapers.

It appears therefore, that only the Eastern Nigeria One-Nigerianists, are still clinging tenaciously to the vanished hope of Restructuring Nigeria.

The only remaining Option, therefore, is the one of  total extrication from the Union of Attrition called Nigeria and that is the Option being pursued vigorously by the Eastern Nigeria Self-determination Collective  which now push unstoppably towards a Referendum that will deliver this extrication, with a backup Stratagem already deployed to asphyxiate, incapacitate, terminate and dismantle the Unitarist One-Nigeria.

There are of course elements in Igboland who, for reasons ranging from paralysing fear, extremely selfish considerations, to outright paid reasoning, driven by intestinal concerns,  (like Joe Igbokwe), who insist that the Igbo must quieten up, bear its misery with more fortitude and equanimity so that Nigeria will remain forever.

Like practitioners of ogre scaremongering, they constantly hoist up the unspeakable horrors of 1967-1970 Biafra as if they  died and resurrected themselves to tell the rest of us what the experience of death was such that we would flee to the safety of timorous souls who submit to the evil dictates and of the wicked master.

Their hollow rhetorics on the Igbo Question in Nigeria present any and all suggestions of Self-Determination or demands for a Grand Renegotiation of Nigeria as a unilateral declaration of War.

War, between who and who, I dare ask them?

It is obvious they have closed their eyes to the new Majority depicted by the MNN Non-Caliphate Alliance that isolate the 12-States Sharia Contiguity.

Unfortunately for such elements, their opposition to and noninvolvement with the bourgeoning Self-Determination Campaign of the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria, change nothing.

It is their do-nothing disposition that created and sustained the uncharted "Biafra or Death" campaign, also built on the hollow rhetoric of "There-Must-Be-War" to free the East from bondage.

The LNC is fully persuaded that the questions arising from the known Constitutional Grievances of Eastern Nigeria, outstanding since after Aburi 1967, must now be referred to a General Referendum of the Peoples of Eastern Nigeria.

Until that gets done, those who imagine that their Master-Servant One-Nigeria has come to stay can continue in their self-delusion. The rest of us who reject that imposed Slave Status will intensify the push towards a comprehensive resolution of the Igbo Question in Nigeria.

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Tony Nnadi

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