Involve young people in crime fighting, says group reports that a group, International Association of World Peace Advocates, on Friday said for society to curb crime young people should lead  the fight.
It maintained that crime had refused to ameliorate because it had not been given the desired approach.
 Speaking with newsmen in Awka, Anambra state, its coordinator, Mr. Henry Ebuluofor said  "the antidote for world peace is a conscious acknowledgement that violence is an  evil that goes against the truth of humanity”.
He said what was needed to subdue crime was "to form consciences and educate the young generation to goodness by holding the integral and fraternal humanism".
 He commended the church for continuing to proclaim and promote universal morality.
It listed evils in modern society to include, anarchy and conflicts, injustice, violence and killings, as well as dispossession and destitution.
 The group added that “government and citizens of Nigeria should have the mindset that fosters peace, love and harmony, and be proactive to contribute to the resolution of conflicts and common challenges in a just and peaceful manner. This is achievable only by resolving to put peace first and by promoting platforms for dialogues and community values”.
Ebuluofor who expressed optimism for a better future for Nigeria., said "Nigeria will someday become a nation where all citizens will strive to overcome our differences; with religious and ethnic differences de-emphasized, active citizenship and initiative encouraged, assistance for the poor and the marginalized provided, as well as opportunities increased for diverse social groups to participate in building partnerships and facilitate dialogue, peace and unity.”
Also speaking, the traditional ruler of Nanka in Orumba North local government area of the state, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo, called on the Nigerian elite to be more proactive and committed in building lives and developing humanity.
Earlier in an address, the association's World Peace President, Ambassador Per Stafsen  said “the International Association of World Peace Advocates started its first grassroots mobilization for peace development in Akwa Ibom
Stafesn said the objectives of the organization included  support for world peace and development, mobilization of communities in development initiatives, and promotion of relief and development initiatives among others goals.

Tony Okafor
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