Ekweremadu, South-East Governors, Arthur Eze, Utomi, Others for World Igbo Summit

www.odogwublog.com reports that the deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu will this Saturday lead other prominent Igbo sons and daughters including governors, Royal fathers, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Igbo leaders of thought, Senator Enyinnanya Abaribe, the Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonanya Onu; former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi; the former CBN governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, business mogul, Engr. Arthur Eze and the founder of Centre for Value in Leadership (CVL), Prof. Pat. Utomi to this year's World Igbo Summit.
    The summit organized by World Igbo Congress (WIC), billed to hold this Saturday May 27th, 2017 in Ascot Hotels Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria would feature, lectures, life-time award presentation to distinguished Nigerians including Ebitu Ukiwe; Prof. Anya O. Anya; Engr. Arthur Eze, among others this
    This was contained in a statement signed by the chairman of WIC, Engr. Joe Nze Eto and made available to newsmen in Awka.
According to the statement,  'World Igbo Congress (WIC) is a global network of Diaspora Igbo from the seven Igbo speaking states of Nigeria.
    'It is an umbrella organization of Affiliates from various cities worldwide, but predominantly from the USA and Canada. Individuals can be members of Affiliates in their cities. You have to be Igbo by birth or by marriage to be a member.
      'In the 22 years of founding, WIC has invited Igbo from home land for annual conventions, and with each year those visiting from home have asked that WIC come to Nigeria to interact with kit and kin. At the 2016 New York Convention, the decibel of the chorus for bringing a WIC convention reached a crescendo.
      On the President Muhammadu Buhari's administration, 'The chaotic Buhari government and its openly visible policy of non-inclusion of the Igbo in his administration was causing unbearable discomfort among the Igbo, particularly the youths who could not get jobs.
      'The time was very ripe for a summit in Nigeria to dialogue with the Igbo leadership and the now despondent masses to chat a way out of the vexing quagmire.
      'Igbo of all stripes will gain something from the Summit, but the youths stand to benefit the most. Most of the summit topics for discussion will address issues of security of life and property, revamping the quality of education, developing ala Igbo, and how to create jobs within ala Igbo. These discussions will bring hope of employment for the youths and create career growth opportunities for the adults.
    'Buhari’s policy of non-inclusion of the Igbo in his cabinet, and his administration’s insensitivity in treating ndi Igbo as outcasts is creating obvious management problems for Nigeria.
      'Although Buhari’s hostility on the Igbo is causing a lot of hardship in the Igbo States, the entire nation is not making significant progress in any national agenda of his administration.
    On WIC's position on Biafra, 'Biafra is not ever going to die. Like every other denied agitation for self-determination, Biafra will at least remain on the mind of those who seek self-determination.
    'Inflicting suppressive and repressive policies on the Igbo in Nigeria will continue to trigger demand for self-rule. It is really the Nigeria government’s prerogative to have one Nigeria where every component of the nation is treated as equal partner.
    'If Nigeria continues to flog this child and at the same time not let her cry, Nigeria will lose her rights of custody for the child. Nigeria is a member of the United nation and should recognize and conform with the UN charter on both Human Rights and member rights for self-determination. We should be law abiding.
    On WIC’s plan for the development of  Igbo land, 'Diaspora Igbo have acquired needed expertise to assist in developing ala Igbo, in every sector of the economy. We have plans to assist in revamping a few technical schools in the region.
    'WIC has a committee chaired by Prof. Landon Onyebueke, a celebrated Mechanical Engineering Professor who designed cockpits for US Navy combat aircrafts. With the cooperation of Igbo leaders at home, his committee will train students on use of machines to design and produce heavy equipment spare parts. This is a job creation item. WIC’s plan for a Regional Medical Center of Excellency is a vital component of development for any nation.
    On WIC’s Thoughts on Nigeria’s Medical tourism, 'It is extremely embarrassing that Nigeria heads of state, state governors and the wealthy club, all feel comfortable entrusting their lives in the care of complete strangers whose interest is these Nigerians’ wallet. This singular move is a foreign relations jeopardy for Nigeria and a reason no nation will take them other way, than a nation not capable of development.
    'A nation without shame is condemned to international disrespect. Sadly, in these offshore medical centers Nigerians constitute a significant percentage of senior level management.
    'WIC has completed plans to facilitate a world class medical center of excellence in ala Igbo. The Nsokpo Community in Ogbaku, about 7 miles from Owerri, on the Owerri- Onitsha Road has graciously donated 50 acres of land to this endeavor. We need the cooperation of all Nigerians and Nigerian institutions to fully actualize this goal. We need to stop the madness of medical tourism in Nigeria.
    On inability of Nigeria to develop beyond third world rating, 'It is difficult to explain it. Nigeria has an endemic inferiority complex. Decision-makers, national as well as regional leaders rather deal with foreign white or yellow colored humans than Nigerians, no matter how knowledgeable and educated the Nigerian is.
    'Nigeria does not value her experts. That is a huge problem. Nigeria has also refused to utilize correct Nigerian experts, preferring choices based on nepotism and tribalism; so you have square pegs that do not fit in round holes.
    'There are numerous problems that explain Nigeria’s permanent seat at the bottom of developing nations, the list not being corruption. The interview we saw recently of a foreign journalist drilling our former President Olusegun Obasanjo was very nauseating,' the statement read.
   From Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Awka
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