Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah poisoned? Traditional rulers, Prominent Nigerians React

www.odogwublog.com reports that some traditional rulers in Anambra State have raised their voices against the continued incarceration of the Chairman/CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd., Chief Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, noting that the move is geared towards taking the life of the Capital Oil boss.
          Royal fathers who spoke to odogwublog.com over the arrest and detention of Ifeanyi Ubah by men of the DSS over his alleged business deal with NNPC include HRH Igwe Engr. Nnamdi Oruche, Igwe Ozubulu, (Anambra South Senatorial District); HRH Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo, Osuofia II of Isuofia, (Anambra Central Senatorial Zone); HRM Igwe Peter Uyanwa, Ezedike of Ukwulu Kingdom (Anambra Central Senatorial Zone); and HRM Igwe Nkeli Nzekwesili, the Okalakwu of Igbariam (Anambra North Senatorial Zone).

          Reacting to the development, the traditional ruler of Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, Igwe Nnamdi Oruche, insisted that the incarceration of Ifeanyi Ubah is politically motivated, and is aimed at taking his life.
          “We have carefully studied the case between the DSS and Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah and discovered that it is politically motivated. Everybody is aware that if two persons are owing each other, what they need to do is to approach the civil court and do counter-balance if they cannot resolve the differences within; but in this case, people who are against Ifeanyi Ubah have risen to use DSS to detain him and poison him in detention.
          “Yes, we have gathered intelligence information that those who are behind Ubah’s ordeal want to bribe DSS to kill him in detention. The traditional rulers in Anambra State are solidly behind him. We cannot allow this to happen to our illustrious son. We are out to stop this nonsense”, he said, adding that what the DSS have done to the Capital Oil boss is a height of ingratitude by punishing a young man who have done so much to help the country.
          The traditional ruler of Nwafia in Njikoka LGA of Anambra State, HRH Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo, Osuofia II of Nwafia, lending his own voice, stated that the matter is a civil case which could be better resolved in a civil court instead of incarcerating Ifeanyi Ubah in DSS’ cell.
          “The case between the Capital Oil and the DSS, or rather, the NNPC is not a criminal case. It is a civil case that could be handled by the court. Moreover, if Capital Oil had a case, the DSS should have sued the enterprise, not imprisoning the chairman.
          “Since he is not denying owing NNPC, and the NNPC is not denying owing him either, what is the essence of detaining him? Is it not more civil to bring the case to the court and resolve the matter in a more intelligent and matured manner? Something is fishy! DSS must explain the grand plan behind detaining Ifeanyi Ubah if not that they want to kill him”, he said.
          Also speaking, the traditional ruler of Ukwulu Kingdom in Dunukofia LGA of Anambra State, HRM Igwe Peter Uyanwa said, “Ifeanyi Ubah is a business mogul that is in business to make profit. From what we hear and read, we understand that the Capital Oil is being owed by NNPC to the tune of N16 billion, while the Capital Oil has NNPC’s N11 billion in its possession. As a businessman, if you owe me and your money gets into my hand, I will hold it while we do counter-balance.  
          “DSS detaining Ifeanyi Ubah is unlawful! They are holding him there in order to find a way of eliminating him because they envy him as a successful Igbo person. If not, they should send him to court to regain his freedom while the matter goes on; after all, it is not the duty of DSS to recover debt.
          “As a royal father, I will call on the DSS to find a way of resolving the matter amicably; perhaps, bringing it to a round table. Nigerians have a lot of respect for the DSS, so, they must not betray the trust.
          “We are not happy that our illustrious son is being disgraced by this agency of the Federal Government”.
Igwe Uyanwa, who is the most dreaded royal fathers in Anambra and the South East warned that if after 7 days Ifeanyi Ubah remains in the DSS cell, traditional rulers in Anambra would storm the DSS headquarters in Abuja to ask them “what they want to do with our son”.

Monarch, CSO call for Ubah's immediate release

The Chairman of Traditional Rulers Council , Umuahia North Local Government of Abia State, HRH Eze Philip Ajomiwe, has called for the immediate release of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah illegally held by the Department of State Security ( DSS) over trade dispute with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Ajomiwe who spoke with our correspondent today in Umuahia said it smacks of rascality and impunity for the secret police to continue to keep Ubah against court orders.

The monarch regretted that the federal government and security agencies under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari had chosen to disregard court orders.

He argued that it is only the court of competent jurisdiction that could pronounce Ubah guilty, but since no such pronouncement had come from any court of law, it amounts to illegality for DSS, a mere security outfit to assume the role of the court.

The monarch insisted that it is an offense under the Nigeria law to hold somebody behind the bars beyond 24 hours without charging him to court.

He , therefore, urged the DSS to charge Ubah to court if found guilty or release him as already declared by the court.

The famous cassava farmer and French- trained industrialist said that the kind of executive impunity and rascality of security  agents in Nigeria does not obtain abroad.

He charged the federal government not to use the current anti- corruption war to pursue sectional agenda, wondering why mainly Igbo illustrious sons are the victims of executive lawlessness in Nigeria.

" We need one united Nigeria and not the one that those in power will be pursuing sectional agenda. In Europe where we lived this type of lawlessness cannot be tolerated".

Similarly, a civil society group, Society for  Good Governance & Social Justice in Nigeria ( SGGSJN), has given the federal government one week ultimatum to release Ubah or its members would embark on indefinite hunger strike.

Executive Director of the group, Comrade Okwudiri Okafor who spoke with odogwublog.com in Umuahia said it was very wrong of the federal government to continue to hold Ubah against court orders.

He said such lawlessness would no longer be tolerated , vowing to mobilise Nigeria youths against the impunity of security operatives in the country.

Okafor said the federal government was looking  for excuse to punish Ubah for using his platform - Transformation Agenda of Nigeria to support the former President, Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

Shedding more light on why his group would go on hunger strike to press for Ubah's release, Okafor said Ubah is among few Nigerians who had used their wealth to empower many youths.

He said he had provided employment opportunities for so  may youths in the country though a private individual  unlike many corrupt public officials who stole public funds and stocked it away in foreign banks without any investment in Nigeria.

Okafor said it would be  wickedness for the federal government to pay Ubah back with the wrong coin after investing heavily to improve the economy.

He called the DSS to quickly release the oil mogul and allow the courts to settle whatever issues he has with NNPC.

NUJ, Ohaneze Ndigbo call for release of Ubah

The National Vice President, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ),
Comrade Chris Isiguzo says the detention of Dr. Ifeanyi Uhah, the
Chairman, Capital Oil is out of order.

He explained that his continued detention by the Directorate of State
Security Services (DSSS) on the claim that they were still
investigating him smacks suspicion of foul play.

The NUJ boss told odogwublog.com in Abakaliki that the process of his
arrest and detention was flawed, so questioned why the business mogul
should be treated like a criminal over business transaction.

He called on the federal authorities to releases of Ubah, pointing out
that even as nobody should be treated as above the laws, such drivers
of the nation’s economy should not be unduly maltreated.

Meanwhile, former secretary, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Lawrence Egede said
ways the matters between the NNPC and the Capital Oil was being
handled is out of place.

He explained that it does appear that the NNPC is playing with the truth.
The Ohaneze scribe both parties could settle out of court.

Political vendetta -- DURUEKE
Economic war against Ndigbo – OKOYE

The continuous detention of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, the Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited by the Department of State Services over a business transaction between his company and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has been described by Barr. Wisdom Durueke as a political vendetta by the Presidency just to punish and strangulate the business mogul following his support to out gone President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 Presidential election through his grassroot political network Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN).
Barr. Durueke who is a human right activist and a legal icon said this in Owerri on Tuesday while interacting with odogwublog.com on the implication of DSS refusal to drag Chief Ubah to court to show why he should not be released unconditionally and in line with an order of the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos.
He pointed out that “if the issue is not politically masterminded, how does a dispute about who owes who and how much, between the NNPC, and Capital Oil, should become a national security issue?” he queried.
The human right activist further informed that the Scenario is likened to how federal government strangulated late Chief M.K.O Abiola for his participation in politics as well as Chief Orji Uzor Kalu for allegedly having the gut to challenge President Olusegun Obasanjo.
Barr. Durueke recalled that Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah through TAN campaigned vigorously for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan of PDP and eventually Alhaji Muhammud Buhari of APC won and now the Federal government is allegedly using its security agencies to intimidate, harass and frustrate perceived political enemies of the government.
While Chief Pius Okoye, the National President, Igboezue International and Diaspora, said the continuous detention of Chief Uba by DSS without Persecution is allegedly part of the nation’s agenda to frustrate socio-economic activities of progressive Igbo business men and women.
Okoye who is the President of the socio-cultural organization noted that most of the nation’s oil and gas blocs are controlled by the Northerners but non of them is facing the kind of ordeal Chief Ifeanyi Ubah is being subjected to because he is an Igbo man and the Chairman of Capital oil and Gas Industries Limited.
The National President said “if this is not an ethnic war, Capital Oil and NNPC are legal entities, Ubah is not the person that should be arrested and detained over a legal transaction by two legal business bodies.
He pointed out that DSS is claiming that he arrested and detained Uba over an allegation of that he sold fuel belonging to the NNPC valued at N11 billion but capital oil, on the other hand, said that the NNPC owes it N16 billion, which it refused to pay after repeated demand.
Okoye insisted that it was unjust for the Federal Government to owe one firm N16 billion, stressing that the aim probably was to strangulate the company and its employee of which majority are Nigerians thrown into labour market.
According to him “A debt of N16billion is the highest economic sabotage. It is the biggest corruption. He NNPC should be made to explain why it is owing Capital Oil a whopping sum of N16Bilion” he said.
The National President enjoined Ndigbo to speak out in condemnation of the injustice noting that injury to one is an injury to all.

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