Aroh Ifeanyichukwu Christian, fresh man hunt for a fugitive

                                                                 Aroh Ifeanyichukwu Christian brings you UGOCHI NWAGBO ‘s report from  Awka illustrating that tears flowed freely in Eziama part of Amanuke, Awka North local government area, Anambra state when the family of Aroh realized their son Aroh Ifeanyichukwu Christian thought dead several years ago in Yola, Adamawa state after a sordid encounter during a boxing training session is alive.
This followed a fresh fatwa they learnt has been placed on his head by Islamic extremists when they learnt he was alive and working in South Korea, East Asia.
The Aroh’s were happy that Ifeanyi their son is still alive in South-Korea after years they lost contact with him while in Mozambique but were terribly pained he is still being hunted according to sources in Jimeta,  Yola,  Adamawa.
Their community leader, Chief Nwafor Alex Aroh and a retired school Head, Mr Samuel Agunwa Odogwu said it was a thing of joy to realize Ifeanyi is healthy and alive in a country with high respect for human rights and values like South-Korea.
They thanked all those who assisted Ifeanyi in his trying moments and urged him to establish communication with his family in Nigeria to be sure he is alive.

They further appealed to him to remain law abiding and observe rules in his host community so that the goodwill that sustained him while in other countries he was before arriving South Korea would sustain him.
They regretted the misfortune that led to his running away from his country of origin but prayed him to stay cool headed in South Korea until a resolution is reached over the matter which happened some years ago. They regretted the tension currently in Nigeria between Christians and Muslims that has led to loss of hundreds of human lives.

They recalled that Ifeanyi as he was fondly called in Jimeta, Yola where he lived and served a businessman as well as engaged in amateur boxing knocked off his opponent one Ahmed Musa during practice in second round. He was rushed to the hospital but he was confirmed dead.
They further recalled that appeals that it was an accident and not intentional fell on deaf ears as group of Muslim fanatics thought it unthinkable for a Christian to knock out a Muslim opponent in training. They mobilized days later to attack Ifeanyi and his family. In the process, his father Levia Aroh and his sister Christiana Aroh were killed. Ifeanyi’s whereabouts became a mystery as nobody heard anything from him until he suddenly appeared in the village and later disappeared when threats over his life became intense. They never heard from him in years until Benjamin Ezeh from Ebonyi state who was with them in Adamawa informed one of them, Ifeanyi was in Congo Brazzaville. And later that he was in Mozambique. Both said same source informed them of his exit to South-Korea and fatwa still hanging on his head.

Our correspondent who was intimated about the story of Ifeanyi decided to follow up the story and it yielded result as one of Ifeanyi’s ally on facebook who claimed he knew Ifeanyi and that he is alive as they met once during his business trip, promised to connect this reporter with Ifeanyichukwu which he did but Ifeanyi was filled with fear for his life as if the reporter was sent to fulfill the fatwa on him.
Ifeanyi reluctantly confirmed the story not without expressing fear for his life: ‘’ please I don't want to die. And I don't know anybody again to trust for my life in Nigeria. I am in South Korea and in safe hands with the people and government because my life is in a mess in Nigeria. I know the danger of fatwa having lived in the North.
On further probe, he confirmed his name and said: " My name is Aroh Ifeanyichukwu Christian. I was an amateur boxer in Adamawa state Jimeta Yola Nigeria and on 8/2/2005 during a training session I hit my opponent (Ahmed Musa) hard during the second round and he went down the floor, collapsed.
‘’ He was rushed to the hospital and he was confirmed dead. My family and my coach as well as all members of our team went to the victim’s house for condolences and apologized for the accident, unknown to us and shockingly on  14/2/2005, a group of Muslims stormed our house shouting (allakubaru ,allakubaru ) and attacked our resident killing my father Mr Livia Aroh and my kid sister Christiana Aroh.
‘’I escaped that night by the grace of God and I ran to our Church ,but on 23/2/2005, the Church helped me to escape to my state Anambra, where my mother is into petty business. I was there when information got to me through my coach that the Muslim fanatics have gotten wind of how I escaped and were bent on killing me as if I killed their brother intentionally. They forgot we were practicing and accident occurred.  I travelled out with the help of our pastor and church members to Congo Brazzaville to stay with one of our pastors friend buy name Pastor Mikel.
‘’Some years later Pastor Mikel was transferred back to Nigeria and we traveled back to Nigeria but some months in Adamawa Nigeria I was attacked by some Muslim people who recognized me. They told me that I must die for killing their brother but I escaped and I travelled back to Congo and my Pastor sent me to his friend in Mozambique.
‘’ I was shocked I was still being hunted all this years and on 10/10/2016 I received a call from Nigeria from one Mr Musa Usmam who told me that even if I ran to anywhere that they must kill me so I informed my Pastor so he advised me to run away from Mozambique now that they have gotten my contact.
‘’So luckily I browsed the Internet and I found out that South Korea has super security system that nothing would happen to me there. I consulted my Pastor and with his help I found myself in South-Korea. I thank the government and people of South-Korea for being there for me because without them I would have been dead by now.’’
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