UNIZIK graduate, Francis Agumadu from Awba-Ofemmili, Awka North needs N11 million to stay alive

www.odogwublog.com reports that Francis Agumadu, graduate of Surveying and Geoiformatics, is in the verge of losing his life because of kidney failure that caught up with him upon graduation in 2015.
    He had dreamt of going into full professional practice as a surveyor upon graduation but he encountered the sickness which stopped him from going for the one year mandatory national service and further practicing his profession.
    Narrating his ordeal to odogwublog.com at their country home, Awba-Ofemmili, Awka North Council Area of Anambra State, the 27-year-old Francis Agumadu, a promising young man, full of ambition, said that he studied Surveying & Georformatics with the intention of going into professional practice upon graduation and after completing his one year national service in 2015, but that immediately after his exams in 2014, the sickness started; hindering him presently from actualizing his dreams, unless well-meaning Nigerians would urgently come to his rescue and donate for his kidney transplant.
    “I was full of ambition as student of Survey; believing and hoping that immediately after my national service, I will go into full professional practice to contribute my quota to the development of Anambra State and Nigeria in general. Regrettably, no sooner had I completed my course than this problem started. Since then, I wouldn’t know where life is leading me to.
    “This sickness started as typhoid and malaria, and we were treating the symptoms. We continued the treatment until my body started swelling. That was when we went for a comprehensive diagnosis and found out that it was kidney disease. We started the treatment and kidney dialysis at New Hospital, Enugu, because there are specialists there. I did the dialysis three times every week; and each time, we spent N28,000 for dialysis and N18,000 for blood transfusion. We did these three times every week for one year and four months until this present development where it requires that we go to India for a kidney transplant.
    “We spent fortune there until we had nothing to spend again. So, we came back home. After sometime, my kidney stop functioning and I was rushed back to hospital in Enugu. That was when the specialist doctor there told us that the problem had gotten to the last stage of it; and that I will require kidney transplant. He said that it has to be done in India and that I will require N11 million for that purpose”, he narrated.
    Mr. Christian Agumadu, the father of Francis, who also spoke to Odogwublog.com crew during the visit, said that the family had spent a lot of money, and had sold off all their property just to make sure that the life of the promising young man was saved. He said that presently, because of the huge sum involved in sending his son to India for treatment, the family would require the help of well-meaning Nigerians and Anambrarians to raise the money and save the life.
    “Presently, we have spent well over N6 million in the treatment. Part of the money came from sale of our property; some came from little donations from family friends. We are begging our people, whatever anybody has, however little, to contribute so that together, we can save the life of my son”, he added.
    Mr. Agumadu, popularly known as “Isiocha”, who said he deals on crayfish at the popular Eke-Awka Market, Awka, Anambra State, said that he has spent fortune in the hospital; and now begs Ndigbo and other Nigerians to assist him in the spirit of “onyeaghana nwanne ya”.
    He said that those interested in assisting should send their contributions to: AGUMADU TECH. First Bank 2829712508. Or call his telephone line: 08062522367.

PICTURES: 1. Francis Agumadu before the sickness 
2. Francis Agumadu in the course of the sickness

UNIZIK graduate, Francis Agumadu from Awba-Ofemmili, Awka North needs N11 million to stay alive UNIZIK graduate, Francis Agumadu from Awba-Ofemmili, Awka North needs N11 million to stay alive Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Saturday, April 22, 2017 Rating: 5

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