Patrick Akobo Ulaka’s Igede in Diaspora fumes over grazing field in Benue state

We start this write up by saying categorically that as a people, the Igede Nation is a peace, loving, hardworking, social and love bond Nation that has respect for other tribes and people in Benue state, Nigeria, and indeed the world at large.
However, one cannot beat a child and ask the child not to cry. The recent rumour, for we believe it must be mere rumour that, the Government of Benue state has delineated a large portion of Igede Land as grazing land for the cattle of Fulani herdsmen is unacceptable and obvious of signature to the already existing Subjugation, Marginalization, Political Segregation and Apparent Intimidation of the Igede Nation which has literally become a tradition. In this matter, we ask, why Igede Land? of the three major ethnic groups in Benue state. Igede has the smallest Land mass why Igede Land?
It is an open secret that, the Igede people are farmers, if the Government takes away the peoples land, it would have taken away their means of Livelihood.
Moreover, it will create an in flock of the fulani herdsmen who are already notorious for aggression, and different kinds of militant fashion attack. The idea will definitely Escalate Confrontation and create an Opportunity for militants disguise as herdsmen to invade our Hitherto Peaceful Land.
Since the Government of Benue state under the Leadership of His Excellency Dr. Samuel Orthom want to give land to Fulani herdsmen for grazing, the Governor who is a Tiv man should graciously give land to the herdsmen in the vast land belonging to the Tiv tribe who by the way have often enjoyed the best that Benue state has to offer.
They have more of the political appointment and are domineering and advantaged by virtue of their political placing which saw them being forerunners in the political landscape of Benue state.
On the other hand, the Government might wished to extend the hand of friendship that has been existing between the Tiv, which are the major ethnic group to the Idoma's who are the second largest  ethnic group with more land mass than Igede.
In fairness, why should the fathers eat soar grape and the children's teeth be set on edge? If the truth must be told, those who have shared the loots, those who have remained in the reign of power, those who enjoyed government appointment, Big contract and other largesse, should be magnanimous enough to play host to the herdsmen, since Igede Land is not ready to be turned into a Fulani enclaves, where they will unleash Terror and mayhem in the Name of cattle grazing land.
Besides, and this serves as a warning for the peace loving Nature of the Igede people and our patience which is actually a reflection of our faith in God through his son Jesus Christ, as our ultimate helper should not be Construe wed as weakness. To site a grazing land for the Fulani herdsmen in Igede Land is to say the least a time bomb that will not only explode, escalate and burn beyond wildest imagination but could degenerate into an outright tribal conflict since the Igede man is by nature a warrior and any attempt to massacre them as has become traditional with the herdsmen will be regretted and be matched by the Igede man's bravery and warriorlike stand.
Let sleeping dogs lie. Once again, the Igede in diaspora unequivocally resist the attempt to turn Igede to a grazing land.
Let our Land be. That's all that we have, Let our farmers be.
We are the food basket, but we need Land to produce food.
There can be another solution find it.!
Patrick Akobo Ulaka, Former  President, Omi Ny'Igede Anambra/Delta state who is a member of Igede In diaspora, a socio-cultural organization encompassing many sons and daughters of Igede Land from across the globe.
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