IPOB Leader, Kanu’s friends declare free food and drinks in Umuahia

www.odogwublog.com reports that jubilation swept through the commercial city of Aba today as IPOB members who could not hide their joy over the release of Nnamdi Kalu who was released on bail earlier today.

The overjoyed members who had glued their ears and eyes to both the television and radio stations on hearing the outcome of the court pronouncement went wild just as their over flowing joy that knew no bound drove them to the streets, as they sang and danced around and along major streets of the commercial nerve centre.

The several groups in the city were majorly seen around Umungasi, Ariaria in groups chanting liberation and  victory songs while they waved the Biafran flags that they had with them as they move around the city.

However, unlike in the days they were protesting the release of the IPOB leader, businesses were not hampered nor vehicular movement pulled to a gridlock as the excited members were only mindful of their singing and dancing even ad they made way for traffic, especially along the ever busy Aba/Owerri road.

Another segment that were seen around Faulks road, leading to the Ariaria international market were also peaceful as they also did not disrupt business or any commercial activities.

Speaking on the peaceful rally, a trader in the international market, Mrs. Chinenye Dim confirmed that what was on was a peaceful demonstration as members of the IPOB did not showcase any form of violence during the march round the commercial nerve centre.

Speaking in an interview around Saint Michaels Road, Aba a member of the IPOB, Okechukwu Nwauduozor Okechukwu disclosed that they were happy at the release of their leader who has been kept behind bars unjustly.

"We are rejoicing and it is not hidden that we are happy.  That is what you are seeing now.  You can see the joy spreading faster than one would ever imagine.  We are thankful to Chukwu Abiama for this very day.  He is our God who we have prayed to all these while and today He has heard our prayers and the Nigerian Government has released our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Indeed. People are really making merry because of this long awaited news of the release of our leader"

Also speaking in an interview where the members had declared free drinks for anyone that cared to drink at Saint Michaels road, Mr. Ikenna Ebiogwu told the Authority that the release of the IPOB leader was long overdue even as he had posited that his release hinges on the principles of democracy which give citizens right to fair hearing and the autonomy of the Judiciary.

He insisted that IPOB members are not destructive in nature hence nothing was destroyed while the people jubilated even as he urged members scattered in the city and elsewhere not to turn violent at any point, not even in the face of provocation from any quarters.

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