Anambra 2017: Chief Johnbosco Onunkwo, Ochendo of Igboland appears confused on his ambition reports that youthful politician, Chief Johnbosco Onunkwo gunning to take over the government house in Awka ahead of the 2017 governorship election in Anambra State appears to be confused on what he is pursuing. He thinks only computer literate man could govern Anambra unknown to him that such would not matter now in Anambra state come 2107. After all Willie Obiano is digitally literate and therefore no vacancy for him.

Again, he is out to spoil show for his kinsman , and compatriot Godwin Ezeemo already tipped by powers that be. Is Onunkwo asked to spoil game for him or is he just pretending that he is contesting election by throwing some bundles of money to women and youths at functions? But hear him…..

But Onunkwo has made a strong case for a digital oriented leadership in the State contending that at this age of computer when the world is regarded as a global village, Anambra needs a Governor who is massively inclined with digital system of doing things.

Onunkwo who is said to be eyeing the Anambra top job on the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) while speaking with the Authority in Awka the State capital, observed that Anambra under the present administration is stagnant because things are not flowing in a current stream of digital system, pointing out with hope that the forthcoming election would certainly provide the people of the State the opportunity to elect a governor who has a digital inclined capacity to lead the State.

The Umuchu in Aguata Local Government Area born governorship hopeful who parades a chieftaincy title as Ochendo of Igboland meaning the shelter of Igboland said "Anambra is under analog and that why the State is not making progress, so let us use this opportunity to call on the people to take the cognisance of the fact that the world is now a global village courtesy of computer and digital applications and elect a governor who is inclined with computer and digital system of things.

He said that bringing in a digital inclined person like himself as governor would guarantee good governance build on accountability and transparency as according to him, the people will have public facilities to assess what is happening in government quarters at all levels adding that under a digital system people should be able to know how government spend every kobo that comes into the State account.

According to him, "as a digital inclined governor, I will create a website for the people to see how government spends the tax payers money, I will use the site to publish and explain how I spent security vote, internal generated revenue and the federal allocation, everything should made be open to the public"

He also said that if given the mandate to be governor, he will introduce digital applications into management, education and agriculture sectors among others and consequently create huge amount of jobs for the youth adding that he can create 500,000 jobs within the first year of his rein as governor.

The youthful politician said "there are jobs in mechanised farming, sports, management, building and construction, jobs, jobs and jobs everywhere but it takes somebody who has the capacity to bring these massive job opportunities into reality, I can do that, what we have to do is bring the youth and engage them in what I call capacity building and empower them with projects in various sectors of governance.

He continued "under a digital system you can bring an expert mathematic teacher to teach in a secondary school in Awka and link every school in the state in the same class at the same, so all the students on that particular level either junior or senior class can hook up and learn at the same time and by so you make students from all parts of the state learn mathematics from an expert, that is very easy to organise"

The youthful politician went further to point out that under a digital system, it is easy to facilitate massive mechanized farming in the State and engage people in modern ways of farming adding that if given the mandate to lead Ndi Anambra he would turn every community in the State into a mega palm produce because the potential is there but those at the helm of affairs are not interested in developing palm trees.

"Under a digital inclined Governor like me, Anambra people will be a mega exporter of palm produce in Nigeria" he continued, adding "the palm trees and the land are there for us to achieve the feat but nobody cares to modernize the system and harness the abundant resource thereof through mechanized palm tree planting and that is very unfortunate"

In addition to his massive digital awareness, the Ochendo of Igboland said that he has acquired enough experience in leadership for the Anambra top job having led a reputable unit of Rotary Club in the city of Port Harcourt during which he won the prize as the best Rotary Club President among other leadership positions he has held in the corporate world.

On chances of APC at the polls come the November 18 governorship election he said that electing an APC governor would be very interesting to the good people of the state because that automatically catapults the state into the main stream of national leadership adding that a great state like Anambra has to be seen at the centre.

"Electing a governor under APC is unarguably one of the best thing to happen to us Ndi Anambra as a people and I'm sure the people know that very well, so with the failure of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) the message is clear that APC is the party with the mandate to take Anambra to the promised land" he maintained, noting that Ndi Anambra have for long rejected the People Democratic Party (PDP) because of the colossal failure of the party's 16 year rein in the country.

Photo: Onunkwo with red cap talking to some walkaway reporters
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