Senator Andy Uba tears APC youths apart over move to recall him, as ANAMBRA NATIONAL YOUTHS INITIATIVE (ANYI) set to stop DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION brings you the reaction of supporters of Senator Andy Uba on the moves to recall him by his kinsmen.


Gentle Men of the Press,
We have become aware of the activities of certain disgruntled politicians in Anambra State who are using desperate and self-seeking hirelings masquerading under an amorphous contraption known as DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION, to announce their intention to embark on the laughable project of recalling Sen. Dr. Emmanuel Nnamdi Andy Uba from the Senate.
Our investigation has revealed that the Association is a seasonal fraud designed to ensure meal tickets for its masterminds. Their inglorious project is not in the pursuit of adequate or proper representation, which fortunately they know, that Sen. Andy Uba is well noted for, but in the shameless and selfless erection of stomach infrastructure.
This is an election year in Anambra State and as usual, fraudsters have identified foolish and over-ambitious politicians, long abandoned by the train of relevance, and have begun to sell to them every manner of delusive projects, which as foolish politicians, they buy, in the hope of earning some relevance, even by default.
When these attempts fail as they are often won’t to because the shady characters behind the Association are neither PR Consultants, Image Managers nor articulate publicists but crass desperadoes, only motivated by the search for a “sucker” who will buy the next meal tickets for them, the foolish politicians and their hirelings, such as the shady characters in the so-called DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION choose the next available option, which often is, “If we can’t manufacture relevance for our clients, then, we can at least pull down those whose towering political presence have made the political space too narrow for our clients”.
It is often in Anambra that foolish politicians hire fools, even second-hand fools to decorate them publicly in foolish garlands. Example of such foolishness is the comedy of recalling Sen. Dr. Andy Uba from the Senate. Recall is a serious democratic check on failed representatives of the people and not a weapon in the withered hands of megalomaniac desperadoes
People don’t get recalled from the Senate for sponsoring successful bills and moving successful motions. People don’t get recalled for ensuring Landmark constituency projects. What reasons indeed would suffice to recall a Senator who has given so much to better the lot of ordinary people.
We want to warn that Anambra State will no longer be the theatre of the absurd or an experimental ground for empty-headed politicians and their stooges. Sen. Andy Uba is one of the brightest stars shining in Anambra’s political firmament today, and to believe that we will stand aloof and watch the distraction of the Senator, is wishful thinking.
No organization has monopoly of intrigues or treachery, not even faceless ones like the so-called DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION, which is nothing but a front for desperadoes. There must be an end to negative politicking in Anambra State and we call for that end now or we will deter their madness by profiling the political failures behind this doomed project for Ndi Anambra to know their identities.
People like Sen. Andy Uba are the faces of hope in the state and we must not allow nincompoops to distract them from the good works they are doing or the state would be the worse for it because the impunity of evil begins with the silence of good.
We called attention to this infantile delinquency not because it has any chance of success but to alert the Fourth Realm of the Estate and the good people of Anambra, that trouble makers are already in town and it is the responsibility of well meaning people and true believers in democracy to stop these degenerates because the state must not be allowed to degenerate to the expectations of these political nitwits and social idiots.               

Bar. Odinaka Chukwuka                        Oseloka Udensi
National Coordinator                            Secretary

Senator Andy Uba tears APC youths apart over move to recall him, as ANAMBRA NATIONAL YOUTHS INITIATIVE (ANYI) set to stop DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION Senator Andy Uba tears APC youths apart over move to recall him, as ANAMBRA NATIONAL YOUTHS INITIATIVE (ANYI) set to stop DYNAMIC YOUTH ASSOCIATION Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Friday, March 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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