Every fourth Sunday in Lent, Mothers are celebrated globally among Christian denomination, especially in Nigeria. It is a season when children, school pupil, those in orphanage homes as well as those at home and prisons anticipate with grant joy and enthusiasm.
Mothers are the actual home maker’s and builder’s of family, it is always disastrous for children raised behind their mothers; yes, even men who are married still rely on their mothers strength, love, care and emotional protection and shelter in a critical time in life.
It’s a well know cliché that “mothers are made and not born;” all women cannot be a mother’s for the simple fact that not every woman can subject herself to tolerate children excesses talk more of sacrificing her own happiness for her children.
Consequent upon these facts, suffice is to say that want of mothers in this our generation have dealt a great blow to the fabric of our family and nation building. We have feminist who advocate for gender equality and women emancipation but in grant dearth of mothers who devote themselves for the building and pruning the moral life of all her children equally without discrimination of sex or gender.
Real mothers do not wish to be like men because they know men can’t be mother and won’t risk their fragile mother children monthly pruning by engaging into gender based ideology. They know that home building is a fragile enterprise which is to be handled by the tender loving hands of mothers only.
Do we still have mothers in this generation; if we do, where are they? Our moral drift universities are Clare indication that we are in dire need of mother now. Most youth in our various institution of higher learning lacks self-worth, classless, rascals and wild.
The rate of sexual immorality, homosexuality, lesbianism and drug abuse been practiced with reckless abandon is an indictment to our today’s mothers, yes because they wield major influence on all of us.
It is no secret that some mothers of this generation are no longer comfortable with whom they are, as regards to being mothers. Some want to be something else others want to be competitors with men. They want to be opposers of men. Some even want to subdue men. Some have even gone to an extent of evolving illusive contention and strive among the two genders and called themselves champions of women struggle, all at the expense of the familyhood, the children.
Women were designed to command great influence in the world (family) without making noise about it; women were created to lead with serenity in silence and quietness. Women by nature are not loud while accomplishing great feat but effective and efficient in silence because noise makes children exposed, vulnerable and no mother wants to expose her children to dangers.
The women of now days don’t know these things and therefore have exposed and plunged our families in progressive dangers.
The quest for notoriety, unnecessary publicity, unhealthy competition with male folk and avoidable attention seeking generated noise orchestrated among today women and by the Millinial mothers are exceptionally ingloriously injurious in vain glory.
These “Feminist” who want to either compete with men or be like men spent, nay, waste enormous time proving that, “whatever a man can do a woman can do even better” instead of perfecting those qualities of motherhood of which men can never do; modern women are either ignorant of the enormous influences women wield in the world: or maybe because such influence are quintessential, or are deceived with the lies that men are better than women and therefore should therefore compete to be like them.
What these women have not considered is, why do men whom they want to be like run to their mothers for protection when all attributes of man has failed. Have they wondered why the meanest and strongest among men surrenders to womanhood and motherhood in the long run?
The real mothers don’t envy men; they don’t feel inferior to men because they fully understand that there is no need and basis for such delusional venture. They are fully aware that women unlike men do not prevail in a noisy and loudly environment. They know and fully understood that they make most devastating impact in quietness and calmness.
It’s unfortunate that the modern “mothers” are void of these qualities, and care not that they have become threats to the family hood and the children which their feathers of high level of morality, quietness, kind-heartedness, chastity, homeliness, integrity and love should protect and shelter. 
This Sunday, many mothers in our various Christian denomination will adorned varieties of glaring colors and brands of attires to commemorate this year mothering Sunday; of course there will be fund raising, support for women projects; even the politicians will not be left out as they will surly like to out shine each other with most fascinating intrigue and campaign with promise to appoint more women in the political arena, but my question is, ever since the inception of women emancipation and feminism, how has family hood feared? Has it encouraged the female folk to produce more virtues, high moral standing women? Rather it have increase family break-ups, multiplied the rate of “Coded” prostitutions and immorality among youth of all gender.
Most women nowadays spend more time in school blaming men for women woes rather than fixing their homes. “Wise women build her home but the foolish one tear her own down with her on hands says the Holy Bible. The nature empowered the women (mothers) to both building of homes and tearing it down; men are not equipped with such virture. Scarcely a family with handicapped, drunk and irresponsible father whose wife is a faithful caring loving mother produce wayward children, but you hardly see children whose mother are bad turn out to be exemplary children, very trivia.
We really want our wives, “women” of this generation to be mothers. Our generations are in dire need of mothers. Our family needs the feathers of our mother for protection and her breast of sound moral, homeliness and high virtue to sulk. So as to restrain and remedy this social drift prevalent in our contemporary society. We have enough men and women and we do not want more ladies because they are already plenty; all we need is our mothers, and nothing can replace the place of a mother.
May God bless every mother on this mothering Sunday in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Obianyido Obinna Emmanuel is ANAN Awardees 2012, International Published Author, and Pastoral Staff/Auditor with the Anglican Diocese of Awka: Contact 08075765141. 

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