Governor Obiano must see this award winning best hospital in Anambra state? (PLUS Photos)


One Doctor Agbala Boniface Chukwudi Batholomew, a native of UKE community
in IDEMMILI SOUTH L.G.A in Anambra state, who contested for the UKE community kingship and lost to his younger brother in 2016, is operating a baby factory under the disguise of a maternity in 80B AWKA ROAD ONITSHA, ONITHSHA NORTH L.G.A Of ANAMBRA STATE in a 2 (nos) 2
bedroom flat apartment of a 4 (nos) 2 bedroom flat one storey building.

He uses this place as his hide out where he does abortions, sell human parts and runs a baby factory, behind the house is where he throws the fetus of babies, blood from abortions, placenta, medical wastes.

He has been occupying this place and has not been paying rent since year 2000until this present year 2017 ( 17 years).

The landlord of the building is late, before his death he noticed these illegal activities of this doctor and told the doctor to leave the building but he sent assassins to kill the landlord in 2002.
The wife of the late landlord and other tenants in the upper part of the building reported to the police of these illegal activities and they came to the baby factory/ maternity but they didn't do anything and said he is a known figure in ONITSHA and they can’t touch him.
She and the other tenants went to the HEALTH/ SANITATION AUTHORITY to report, they came there and saw the inhuman act performed by this man, instead of taking measure they told her that she should comply with the man.

They went to the NMA(National medical association) in Onitsha to report but they told them that their duty is to protect their members and not to investigate them and that they don’t have a monitoring team. Due to this visits he
removed the signboard of his maternity so that it will seem like he has parked out.

On 25th of February 2017, the wife of the late landlord and her children went to meet Dr. Agbala Boniface and asked him why he doesn’t want to evacuate the building and why is he using there as baby factory/illegal abortion and throwing medical waste around but he sent his thugs to beat up the landlady and her children but luckily for them some security operatives
that where passing by came to their rescue.

The thugs and the women in the baby factory ran away and the security officers enter there and saw the illegal things and they scattered the place.

This same Dr Agbala Boniface went to ONITSHA INLAND TOWN POLICE and
brought police men to arrest eye witnesses and detained them in the police station. Attached to this are photos of the place.

Please share this information so that the relevant authorities will come to their assistance.
You can contact this number for more eye witness
information on the incidence in 80B AWKA ROAD

Unedited S.O.S report from reader Solomon Ofokansi who wrote to medical council and copied this medium via
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