Dr Chukwuma Egemba attacks IPOB proponents, accuses them of enriching their pockets

www.odogwublog.com reports verbatim the vituperation of Ndigbo at home and in Diaspora over IPOB and their views. We may be right or wrong on the caption but read and conclude based o what you have read.......................


Personal ego, exaggerated senses of importance, selfishness, selfishness and more selfishness; seeing and using Biafra as a franchise; Biafra activists and leaders disassociating and disengaging from one another. In addition, we have social media activist, those who blow hot air without substance; those who do not have any plan or idea of how to restore Biafra; those issuing endless, meaning statements and discrediting one another.  These are some of the reasons why it is difficult for Biafra activists and leaders to come together to map out realistic and coordinated plans to achieve our common goal - self determination and independence for Biafra. I challenge anybody and everybody to expose me if, I Dr Chukwuma Egemba is or has been associated with any of the above.

I'm quite sure that most people reading this post know those leaders and activists who had built or building personal and family fortune in the pretext of fighting for Biafra. In due cause, they will be exposed......those who used or using their family members and friends to set up businesses in the name of fighting for Biafra; those who are diverting money and other resources intended for Biafra restoration for their personal and family use.
Biafrans are not stupid; they are watching and taking note.....so also the spirit of millions who died directly or indirectly as a result of struggle for Biafra.  Everyone involved in the struggle for Biafra at any level must keep record of their activities and be prepared to account for it some time, some day somewhere in the nearest future.  You may run away or cover your tracks today, but you cannot run away from accountability for ever. 
God Bless Biafra!

Dr Chukwuma Egemba
Tel: +447956912777
Umu Mazi, Ndi Biafra

Even Foreigners of a different race who witnessed how Biafra mourned Ojukwu confessed that we loved him indeed but that love is intransient as such is not transferable.  Ojukwu was great, like all Humans he made a few mistakes one of them being he trusted his kinsfolk greatly without dealing with them on a personal score. Otherwise, Barrister C.C. Mojekwu's et al. Scam which grounded the Biafran Air Force as a fighting arm of the military wouldn't have happened.  Vincent who ever told you that you are the Customary Government of the Biafra we fought for is telling you a bunch of lies. Our Customary Government is located at Owerri and not Nnewi. Dr. Ikedife your hero is a person of interest in the Mojekwu Scam and as such he has a case to answer. Unless both of you have sworn to tie Ibo Land into two. However, let me stop at this point. We can't fight while you engaged in petty trading and at the end, you claim leadership of the war in which you did not participate in. Lord have mercy!

Pilot Officer Peter Ejirika
Veteran of the Battle of Port Harcourt.

The Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra wants to reassure all Biafrans that restoration of Biafra is on course. Biafrans in Nigeria are advised to remain calm and await further instructions from the Administrator of the Customary Government of IPOB while the political and economic drama in Nigeria unfold.

It is rather worrisome that a lot of confusions are being created by people who should know better. Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra would always set the records straight in line with our determination to remain consistent and resolute towards the restoration of our dream nation-Biafra. It should be noted that President Trump of America will not ' Dash' Biafra to us. Biafra will be restored through our efforts and necessary diplomatic contacts. Nobody will love you more than you love yourself, however, do not expect anybody to sympathize with you until you have a strong economic and political bargaining  powers.

The speculated death of President Buhari should not bother us.No matter how bad President Buhari could be, it is not in our custom to celebrate the death of our enemy, not to talk of when the death has not been confirmed. What is important to us is continuous building of our community customary governance.  Organizing town hall meetings to sensitize our people on the need to set up a Customary system of government devoid of Nigeria Government manipulations. Our present Igwe / Eze / traditional institutions were imposed upon us by the white men  and it is truism that these people are loyal to Abuja Government. Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra is the only neutral platform recognized by Nigeria law to organize the Biafra people in Nigeria towards their march to independence. We shall continue to speak for the people without fear or favour.

The Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra is concerned about the insensitive of our political leaders in the former eastern Nigeria. During this period of recession, economic stimulus is most expected to boost the economic activities of our region. Massive investment in food production and projects capable of generating income are most expected within this period of uncertainty and hopelessness. Microfinance houses in our region ought to be encouraged to create soft loan at affordable interest rate to increase the supply of money to the households and this will boost consumption as well as investment.

It is because of the insensitive of our political Leaders that has made the Customary Government to activate her political strategy .Movement of Biafra in Nigeria(MOBIN) is the vehicle to take over our political environment. MOBIN has been authorized to go into alliance with a registered political party in Nigeria. We need visionary and selfless Biafrans to seize this golden opportunity to be part of our political process while we continue to press international diplomatic buttons. Tomorrow is bright for all Biafrans and we must live to experience the new Biafra.

Finally, the Customary Government will always advice the Biafra youths to come under the authority of the elders. The wisdom of the Biafra elders cannot be bought with money. We,  therefore wish to express our utter disappointment with the manner Nigeria security forces mowed down our youths on peaceful protest. Life is precious to us and no matter how long it takes, those who take human lives will be made to pay with their own lives. This is natural law.

Ndubuisi is the image maker of the CG-IPOB
Dr. Nkwocha  (the bitter old lose),

I can now see what bitterness can do to the brain of a supposedly educated mind. So you expect President Trump to mention Biafra by name in his speech, right? Due to the bitterness in your heart, you can't even bring yourself to recognize him as "President Trump", it shows how bitter and wicked your heart is. If you know what it took to get that thing you called "generic card", you will not be writing so foolishly. But how can you know when all you do is getting bitter and bitter everyday. Don't worry, very soon, it will get to the point where you will develop medical complications and anyi abia rie gi na canopy.

Mazi Iroanya
To Clifford Iroanya:
LIE # 1
No one should lie to our people just because we are willing to do anything to get Biafra. To tell and or insinuate to Biafrans that Trump supports Biafra or will give them Biafra is a huge lie, Mr. Iroanya.
In your own words, here is “the fact” that leads you to believe that Trump supports Biafra:
“Below is the inauguration speech by President Donal J. Trump verbatim. There is a line where I boldened and italicized so that everyone can note and make his/her deductions from that statement.” –Iroanya.
And here is the line which you, Iroanya, “boldened and italicized” as above indicated:
“…We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and reform the world against radical Islamic terrorism which we will eradicate from the face of the earth…”
–Iroanya’s excerpt of Trump’s speech published by Iroanya.
Can anyone in their right mind or in any state of mind at all claim that this statement above means that Trump supports Biafra? Of course, no way!

LIE #2
From Iroanya again, to buttress the lie that Trump sent IPOB an official invitation:
“I have also attached an invitation card given to IPOB member and Deputy National Coordinator of IPOB-USA Eastern Area, Mazi Chinedu Obih a.k.a. Onwuatuegwu.” – Iroanya
Iroanya posted an image of an invitation card, a generic card.
But, where is that official letter of invitation which Trump sent to IPOB for his inauguration? If Iroanya has it, let him publish it.
The fact that has not been contradicted is that Trump has never expressed support for Biafra, nor has he recognized Iroanya’s IPOB.

What Iroanya easily accomplishes is using propaganda to dupe our own people, thereby revealing the evil power of propaganda which many do not understand: propaganda works against the enemy and against the host: you deceive your own people first while the enemy may yet be deceived by it. The only beneficiary of propaganda is its author, the propagandist. Hurray! for you, Iroanya, for deceiving our people: you won!

When these lies were fed to our people, Biafrans went crazy in pro-Trump marches which ended in the death, injury and loss of many Biafrans. For sure the full responsibility for these casualties lies on the head of Nigeria; we shall never forget. At the same time, a full measure of criticism and blame is to be leveled against anyone or any clique that thought it was okay to use this type of propaganda which is essentially deception of our people to get our people harangued, mangled and murdered in our own streets. This is essentially what Iroanya and his clique succeeded in  doing: the blame falls on them.
The level of insensitivity is borne out by Iroanya’s caption for his report and post on the matter:
Really? Really, now, Iroanya? You want to tell that to the families, friends, relatives, and compatriots of our dead and wounded? Even the crocodile tears you pretend to shed later cannot wash away the sin.
Besides killing our people for the supreme sacrifice, Iroanya’s propaganda and its outcome also threatens to kill the values Biafra is built on. Biafra is not built on racism. It is not built on misogyny. It is not built on propaganda and lies. It is not built on arrogance, on deceit and on hypocrisy. Biafrans: think on it.

The irony of it all is that Biafrans will get up any day to protest, rally, demonstrate or march on our streets if the cause is Biafra – at any cost, including loss of property, limb and life. We don’t even need an excuse, we don’t need a reason. Nigeria is that toxic to us, and the only antidote is Biafra. To think that one has to resort to deception, lies and propaganda to bring out Biafrans into the streets is sheer lack of understanding of what is really going on among our people.

Iroanya and co: you owe our people an apology.
Stop lying to our people. Stop lying.

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen
Disgruntled Dr. Nkwocha, I  was directed to send the message below to you having shared your bitterness with President Trump with the hierarchy of IPOB. Please read make sober reflections on what you have read, that is, if the bitterness in you will allow you.

"This Nkwocha has always been this way. Men with his character is the primary reason why our land has been raped over centuries. Remind that idiot that when we say Biafra or Death we mean it. Cowardice and love of life has no place in this IPOB. At the right time we shall killing those that killed us. Nkwocha had the temerity to regard our intense media onslaught as propaganda but time shall tell. Send him the conservative publication above to inform him that Trump is aware of IPOB and Biafra. Perhaps his limited grasp of political reality may blind him to this obvious fact. For a conservative publication to use such language to describe our quest means that our cause is resonating in the corridors of power in the US. Our prayer is that Theressa May will not convince Trump to abandon the issue of Biafra but since I  know our Creator has mandated his ascension to the White House, I have no fear after all in Him and only Him the Most High so we trust not in man."

Dr. Oguchi Nkwocha (the bitter loser old man),

I wonder when you will let-go the bitterness in you for your candidate and Boko Haram sympathizer and Democratic Party Candidate who lost in the US Presidential election. Any naive person reading your long epistle, which did not offer any specific solution on the restoration of Biafra, will think that you are writing out of the love you have for Biafra. But that is not true. The real reason you are writing is because of the link between the successful IPOB rally and the name President Donald Trump!!!

Yes, you are so embittered that you cannot stand that name being mentioned anytime. That is why you always jump out to write long epistle without any specific solution. I have discovered a new way to draw you out of your closet. That is by the mention of Trump in my writing. Once Trump is mentioned, you will crawl out from your rat hole and start writing long epistle that has no meaning nor any specific solution on how to restore Biafra, atleast from an individual perspectives.

Dr. Nkwocha you are an old man, you need to grow up. For how long are you going to carry this bitterness against Trump? You are not an American by birth nor are you a caucasian, so why cry more than the bereaved? Even your candidate was at the inauguration and her husband was one of the only four names mentioned by President Trump in his first speech as the President of the USA.

Finally, please don't place your educated self in the same category with those quota system Police Officers in Nigeria who could not tell the difference between a "protest" and a "rally". What we held on the 20th of January 2017 was a rally in support of President Trump.

Once again, please let-go your bitterness towards President Trump, even your candidate has made up with the new President. You must move on otherwise, you may end up with medical complications and umu Biafra will come and eat fied rice during your "wake keep" but I say God forbid!!!

Mazi Iroanya

I don’t know what message you hoped / hope to convey by this post, along with a caption such as this. One thing is for sure: you might have won the propaganda war for your organization and your leader, but the 5 lonely Nigerians have won the Moral war; they even scored more points by reminding you and us all, the whole world, of Biafra’s true values and what Biafra stands for, what it should stand for. You should really sit down and really listen to them, assuming you have it in you; those 5 won against our 5,000. I totally agree with them: Biafra’s values are opposite Trump’s values. What IPOB does with Trump is up to IPOB; Biafra is to be left out of such.

Based on long experience in this struggle, I need to warn you against abusing our people’s desire for Biafra in the pursuit of your hero-worship and propaganda for your group. I do not know what is in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s mind, but I do hope it is not this stuff that you have been dishing out here, and I hope that if he was out of prison, he would not approve your tactics and technique or approve of them.  It is no secret that in his day, we tried to work with Uwazurike until he decided to go down the path that we notice you are now travelling. In the end, Uwazurike besmirched Biafran martyrdom and martyrs, poured salt into the wounds of the Biafran injured, brought demoralization to the rest of MASSOB membership; and by extension, to all Biafrans in the struggle. He had lied to them about so many things, including diplomatic recognition, support and aid, and they believed him. By telling or insinuating to our people that IPOB or Biafra has Trump’s attention without any proof, and sending them out into the streets based on that, you are doing the same thing Uwazurike did.

Now, to fellow Biafrans:

My heart goes out to all Biafrans. In desperation, we want to believe anyone who says that this country or that organization, the UN or this outside leader, supports Biafra – without first checking it out. We want to believe anyone who tells us that so-so-and-so will give us Biafra; we don’t even bother to find out if it is actually so. We quickly go out into the streets, carry their placards and wave their blown-up pictures, and maybe get shot to pieces while at it. We join an organization when they require us to swear an oath of allegiance – of course, we do it for the sake of Biafra – forgetting that only cults and gangs demand such an oath; and once sworn to an oath, you have lost your freedom, that same freedom that drives us to get Biafra in the first place, at all costs.

To be sure, no one will give us Biafra. Not America, not Trump. We will have to take Biafra by ourselves and for ourselves. Don’t believe anyone who says that they want to protect your life, therefore, you should come with them under Nigerian laws. No one can protect your life; no one has protected your life thus far. Isn’t it the same Nigerian laws that have made our lives so miserable and unbearable? Only an independent Biafra will protect you that-wise. And, do not let anyone patronize you by determining for you what your life is worth vis-a-vis, Biafra; they should mind their own respective lives. Only you can determine what you want to risk your life for, what you want to die for. And if for you it’s Biafra, so be it. Nobody knows enough to tell you that your continuing to live a life of misery and humiliation at the hands of Nigeria, no better than a worm’s, is preferable to risking this unconscionable and unsustainable inhumane life under Nigeria. It’s rather you own call, and we accept and respect that decision, only adding, “Godspeed!”

When you go out in the streets to protest and get injured and jailed and to die for Biafra, then to return to the same streets another day to continue the struggle, do not forget your values, Biafran values. Whatever other flag you wave, no matter whose pictures you carry, keep in mind that the motivation is Biafra and Biafra is your real goal, our goal (although it is not necessary to remind you of that, having seen a demonstration of it even in this march in question; what I heard most and loudest was Biafra; what I saw was a demonstration of Biafra energy and Biafra power, nothing else!)

The struggle continues!

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen.

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