Confusion at Anambra Police, DSS as Anambra PDP Chairman Meets security chiefs over threat to kill him by Obiano reports that there was confusion at the office of the Anambra state Police Commissioner Mr. Sam Okaula when the Chairman of Anambra State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince Ken Emeakayi ran to his office to his office to find out why he has not done anything with the petition he wrote him concerning threat to his life by Governor Willie Obiano.

The police actually did not know how to handle him because he was with more than 200 media men to the station but bloggers in social media and conventional electronic and print media, especially when they realized he was prepared for anything.

The police do not know how to handle his case as he insisted not going out until CP addresses his case or provide him with security. The CP was away to Umuahia but deputy commissioner of police, Mike Okoli later met him.
Emeakayi later visited the Department of States Services, DSS and met the Director of DSS, Mr. Yusuf Isyaku and had a private meeting with him. He was seeking for protection from the state governor, Chief Willie Obiano, whom he said had promised to kill him.
Emeakayi who was at the state police command at exactly 1:45pm to see the commissioner of police was however disappointed when he was told by that the commissioner was away, and was not expected back soon.
Okoli pledged to convey the news of his visit to the commissioner, but declined further comment on what the police has done since about a month after he wrote the letter.
Emeakayi said his case was simple for police to investigate the threat to his life by the governor. reports further that Obiano requested for the DSS and police to provide him with 24-hour protection with personnel of the Nigerian police and the DSS.

    According to him: “On 23rd February, 2017, Governor Wllie Obiano called me on phone and threatened to kill me if I failed to stop any form of opposition against him and his government. He promised that I “will face the wrath of Aguleri and will not live to tell the story if I will continue to oppose his government”.
    “On February 24th, I chronicled what transpired on the telephone conversation between me and the governor and forwarded it to the office of the governor as the chief security officer of the state.
“Also, on February 28, I forwarded the same petition to the DSS and the police, and urged them to investigate the petition. I also requested them to obtain the call history of the conversation from the network provider so that I might not be accusing His Excellency wrongly”.
Emeakayi said also that after what transpired between him and the governor, he has been receiving life-threatening phone calls and text messages from those suspected to be agents of the state government.
“I no longer feel free in Anambra State. I no longer go about my legitimate businesses because of agents of the state government who are everywhere looking for me.
“The governor has no right to kill me because I committed no crime that warrant such. My crime is that I told him to stop breaching the constitution contrary to the oath he swore as governor. I want to state also that I do not want to die now: I have family. I have wife and children; I have dependants; so, I do not want to die now. Therefore, I request the police and the DSS in Anambra State to provide me with 24-hour protection against those who are after my life”, he said.
He told journalists after the meeting with DSS Director that he has been assured of full investigation to his letter, and that he will receive the protection of the agency.
He said further that he was disappointed that after over a month of writing to security agencies in the state about threat to his life by the state governor, nothing was done to secure him.
"On 23 February, the governor called me on phone by himself to tell me that he will kill me if I did not stop opposing him and his government. When I asked him if he was threatening me, he said no, that it was a promise.
"I therefore did what any law abiding citizen would do. I wrote to the police and the DSS asking them to do three things. To investigate this threat to my life, get a call log of my conversation with the governor to ascertain that I was not lying and to provide me with security to stop the governor from carrying out his threat.
"None of this was done, and that is the reason I came here today. While the police is trying to thwart my effort as you all saw, the DSS said they have commenced investigation, and that something would be done," Emeakayi said.
He also added that he fears that the governor may have resolved to carry out his threat as a week ago he noticed a vehicle carrying fierce looking youths trailing him as he drove to court, but managed to escape.
"I have already been told by a police source that the Governors aides were boosting that nothing would come out of the case because the police and CP are in the governor's payroll, and as such may never investigate him. I have also been told that the governor is preparing to meet the telecommunications company for them to destroy the call log."
Obiano reacting through his senior special adviser to the governor on strategic communication and legislative matters, Prince Oliver Okpala said the allegations had no basis and were neither here nor there.
"When did mere telephone calls transform to violence? That is why I said they are neither here nor there. Since he has reported to the police and the DSS, he can now wait and see the outcome of the investigation," Okpala said.
The Authority recalls that the PDP state chairman had championed the call for the impeachment of the state governor for travelling abroad and staying for a month without transmitting a letter to the house of assembly to notify of his absence, or his return too. The reason he believes the governor issued the threat to his life for being overbearing.

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