Catholic priest says Buhari needs divine message

About 150,000 persons recently gathered at the Communion Sanctorum Ministries, Awka in Anambra State Government for the concluding sessions of months of prayers and crusades to usher in a hitch-free year and lift the nation before the Almighty God, who only can direct the affairs on the right path.

The Communion vigil to end the prayer sessions attracted people from different sectors of the economy to praise and worship God Almighty in acknowledgement that praising God makes every circumstance of our lives complete, essential, and eminently worthwhile and realizing that praise discharges strength in faith, which causes God to move on our behalf.

At the end of the service where many were healed of diverse sicknesses including brain tumor and HIV positive instantly healed and others delivered of demonic possessions, the Spiritual Director of Communion Sanctorum Ministries, Rev. Fr. Bonaventure BonaChristus Uchenna Umeogu, said that President Muhammadu Buhari, currently on medical holidays in the UK, needs a divine message from God for things to turn around in the country. “We must respect our nation, Nigeria, and the only way to assist our nation to come out from this phase of our difficult times is to submit ourselves in fervent prayers before God. I warn you that worst days are ahead of us and we need to turn back to God,” calling on all Christians in Nigeria to devote themselves to fervent prayers before God concerning the situation facing our nation. Pronouncing blessings on all who will labour in prayers and build up their hearts for the prayers the country needs, the cleric predicted worse days ahead except Christians return to God in supplication to forgive our numerous transgressions against the Maker. According to him, Christians must sum up the courage to forgive one another just he enjoined leaders at different levels to shun all forms of corruption and lead by example. Fr. Umeogu urged the wealthy and incorruptionan the nation to always remember the less privileged in the society, stressing that there is joy and blessing in giving rather than receiving.

 The Catholic priest and Spiritual director of the ministry, Fr. Umeogu advocated for unconditional love among Christians rather than the current pretentious love that one finds among those who profess the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He maintained that there will be nothing like Christianity if there is no Jesus Christ because he’s the essence of Christianity, stressing that Christians must live Christ-like lives, maintaining that givers should be cheerful in giving and shun giving grudgingly. The cleric also appealed to road users to be cautious and vigilant on the roads. The vigil of miracles also offered several of the worshippers the opportunity to thank God for what He’s been using the Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Umeogu to do spiritually and physically to lift their burden from time to time. The Catholic priest, philanthropist and teacher of knowledge, is also regarded as a saver of life with several giftings including that of nature medicine with which he has healed several persons of various debilitating ailments. He does not advertise his God-given talents and prowess. He attends to hundreds of people daily at his Communion ground. Fr. Umeogu, a philosopher and lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka praised God for intervening in so many families with ailments and challenges as there were testimonies galore at the all night spiritual exercise. Triplets Elochukwu, Ekene and Chiagozie Ezeumeanya, who were part of the organizers of Very Rev Fr BonaChristus Umeogu’s International Scholarship Schemes and Foundation (BUSSA-FOUND) in their reflection, said God has used the priest to deliver multitude of people from bondage, shackles of sickness and bareness. They said Fr. Umeogu is a distinguished broadcaster and has authored over 116 irresistible books, adding that the priest was nicknamed Mr. Money Bag (MMB) at Nnamdi Azikiwe University by students for carrying Ghana-Must-Go bag of money to pay school fees of students who were not allowed to write exam on examination day when he was moved by the spirit. Mrs. Chioma Okoye also testified that God used the Catholic priest to break the bondage of 11-year barreness and wipe away tears and sorrows of childlessness even as she urged people to be steadfast and believe the word of God on them from the Prophet of God. Similarly, a beneficiary and a media consultant, Jude Mascot Obiagwu said Fr. Umeogu’s ministry was one of the very first but because his calling and ministry was silent on publicity and making noise about God’s miracles in the ministry many who have no ailment or challenge would not know about him as people are referred there for solution to their problems. The Catholic priest is the only one around who would look at you and tell you what you have in mind or in your pocket and it is true when confirmed. He could call you out and confirm your intents. Fr. Umeogu who was born on June 10, 1967, hails from Unubi, Anambra State, attended St. Paul’s Seminary, Onitsha (1980-1984); Seat of Wisdom Seminary, Owerri (1986-1989), and University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1991-1993).

Though still teaching at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and presently the Head of Department (HOD), of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts of the University, Prof. Umeogu has made useful contributions in the development of education and drugs in Nigeria. But his case was like asking is ‘Saul also among the prophets’? (I Samuel 19:24). This question is very pertinent given the fact that Fr. Umeogu, a renowned philosopher, Christian mystic, poet, musician, university teacher and administrator is also into drugs as another way of imparting on humanity. He said the ministry has become one of the best places for people to receive healing unconditionally in the sub-region.

On his Ministry’s name, Fr. Umeogu said God gave the ministry the name and illustrated how God used him on one occasion to heal a cripple. He said: “There was a woman they brought to this place crippled. After praying for the woman, what God told me to tell the woman was to come down from the vehicle. You need faith to do this. I told the woman to come down but she said that I should ask the children to carry her down. “But I told her no, that God said she should come down; that God didn’t say I should ask your children to carry you down. God said “you woman, come down”. Eventually, when the woman was hesitating, God told me again to ask the woman: “He God and your children, who is more disposed to give her miracle?” and the woman answered “God of course, only God can raise her up” I now said to her that God said: Come down! The cripple started shifting as if she wanted to come down from the car. Eventually, her body became well again and she came down from the car”. Apart from the numerous divine giftings, Fr. Umeogu has also joined the league of alternative medicine practitioners. But his own is different that all the drugs are prepared by him with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He insists that food should be taken as medicine to avoid taking medicine as food.

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