Tears as Augustine Chukwudum , Ndigbo Unity Forum survives accident, begs for help

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On 7th febuary 2017  I had an accident at umuahia-ikotepene road by 5.15 am in the morning at umuahia section of the road the vehicle am travelling  with fell down the people inside the vehicle started moving out when I wanted to out rushed like others I discovered that something was on top of my right hand immediately I started shouting 4 help becos the vehicle is heavy truck people who reside within the area the accident occurred  who rushed earlier when the heard noise help me  get out of the truck I discover that my right shoulder was dislocated I couldnot move the hand becos of pains I was going through then I spent more than 20 mins cry 4 help becos all vehicle that was passing through the road refused to stop becos they thought I might die before getting to the hopstial until when GOD fearing driver came across he stopped and take me to the hospital at umuahia called amarajen by then it was 6.00am the nurse at the hospital asked what happened I told them they injected me twice immediately but the injection couldnot subidy the pains almost one hour later the doctor came I rushed to him and told him what I was going through he asked the nurses the first aid the gave me they told him he said ok that injection is for pains I told him that is more than one hour that am still going through pains  hoping that the doctor will do something he say I should go for x-ray before before he can do anything he told me where I will go for the x-ray which is more than twenty-mins drive from the his hospital by the time I came back it was around 10.00am I was still crying becos of the pains later around 10.30am the doctor take me to the theatre where my shoulder was fixed then the next day 8th feb 2017 I was discharged ,the doctor said I shall remain with the bandage for six week after then I shall stay for four months before I could do anything heavy.when I reach Onitsha the pains was getting harder I was direct by a friend on 16th feb 2017 to a hospital calleds uzondu at ojoto idemili south LOCAL GOVT OF ANAMBRA STATE WHERE the doctor gaves me drugs that is touching the pains unlike the doctor at umuahia who gave me only paractemol,b complex and vitamin c. now am begging people to help me becos I can.t do anything now becos of my condition I have to take care of my children school fees,feeding,house rent,and my younger ones.my account number and name Augustine Chukwudum   6160102139  fidelity bank

Tears as Augustine Chukwudum , Ndigbo Unity Forum survives accident, begs for help Tears as Augustine Chukwudum , Ndigbo Unity Forum survives accident, begs for help Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Monday, February 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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