Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu Explodes, denies traveling to London

Leader of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has got another bomb on the Presidency.
If the report is anything to go by, then there is danger in the offing. Tinubu denied reports in the media that he and the chairman APC Board of Trustees, Bisi Akande, paid a courtesy visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in London.
The report allegedly stated:
He stated that he was at Ibadan on the said day to attend to some personal matters and came back to Lagos the following day only to be surprised with the news all over the media.
“I did not travel to London or anywhere outside the country,” quoted Tinubu.
What surprised me most were the pictures published and spreading all over the social media showing myself and Akande with Buhari in London. 
I didn’t travel out of the country, so the question is where did these pictures emanate from?
There is no how truth can be concealed for long. 
The presidential aides are not living up to their expectations in handling information relating to the president’s health Tinubu said. 
I see nothing wrong in someone falling sick, after all we are all humans and not machines, even machines do breakdown, Tinubu said.
The presidential aides have left room for rumours and grapevines to thrive regarding the president’s vacation with conflicting statements and pronouncements.
Recently some state governors called for prayers for the president.
Also the wife of the president Mrs Aisha Buhari thanked all Nigerians for their support and goodwill.
You will recall that pictures of Tinubu and Akande visiting Buhari in London was all over the social media.
This was to prove to Nigerians that president Buhari is hale and hearty. 
But Lagos Herald had earlier published the truth about the president health and situation report which none of the presidential aides has come out to deny, the report concluded.
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