Pascal Azubuike: The man Obiano should look out for by Ikem Abazu brings you this tale THE MEN OBIANO SHOULDN'T FORSAKE
As the expiration of the tenure of our beloved Governor approaches and his re-election campaign warms up, it has become cogent if not mandatory that I should bring to bear the thoughts in which I have wallowed in for long.
My mind has ever remained vulnerable to the thought of men and women who were pragmatically instrumental to the emergence of Chief Willie Obiano as the Executive Governor of Anambra State in November 2013. Men and women who hitherto have remained unrecognized rather substituted for folks who knew not the date of the election neither did they vote talk more of working towards the success of the election but today hold juicy positions in the government.
The foregoing not withstanding, our Governor must be introspective in making his decisions as next year's gubernatorial elections comes up. He should know that many of his hangers-on cannot, and I repeat cannot guarantee his relection.  They cannot, simply because they do not have the capacity, mien and candor required for an election as dogged as the upcoming gubernatorial election in the state.
It is time for him to be as political as he can ever be and bring back his winning team. Even if he has to kneel to win them back.
Citing an example of such men that was instrumental in the 2013 election victory is a man called PASCHAL AZUBUIKE, though Paschal isn't a field marshal in politics, he however is a technicality guru who has the temerity needed to run a electioneering campaign.
When some group of outstanding men from Anambra State started yearning for equity for the North, a group called Equity Group was formed to work towards shifting state power to the North Senatorial Zone of the state. The group comprised of high profile individuals across the state and Mr. Paschal Azubuike was the Executive Secretary. He virtually ran all the activities of the organization and successfully too.
Also, when the the people of Olu na Adagbe decided to form a forum to pursue the same interest as that of Equity Group, Paschal Azubuike was the consultant shaping the organization under the leadership of Chief Shedrack Anakwue.
Interestingly as the campaign heated up in 2013 and the APGA campaign was not as virile as it should be, Chief Dubem Obaza was called upon to boost the campaign in the capacity of Director of Operations. It was still Paschal that ran the campaign technicalities from the campaign office and Governors Lodge.
Paschal was instrumental in multiplying ideas of others while bringing up his own. As well took charge of implementation of all the campaign directives.
It is on record that penultimate to the gubernatorial election in 2013, the ACN National Exco sent Mallam Nasiru El'rufia now Governor of Kadunna State to man the situation room of the party's campaign in Anambra and report, relate and acquire vital information and documents from the party agents and stalwarts at the field. The same role was played by Mr. Paschal Azubuike along with H.E Chief Peter Obi at the Governors Lodge Amawbia.  Little wonder Mr. Paschal Azubuike has the pink copy or duplicate of all the election results across the State for the 2013 gubernatorial elections.
Paschal Azubuike was in charge of all the financial transactions that transpired during the campaign; vis-a-vis the release of funds, documentation of accounts and so on during which in most cases he invested his personal funds in situations where campaign funds were insufficient which hitherto has not been duely refunded to him.
Paschal Azubuike just like many others,  distinguished himself in service to APGA and our Governor Willie Obiano as such should be remembered for his goodwill.
Ikem Abazu
Writes from Lagos.

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