Ojukwu and Biafran War Pounds exposed

Umu Mazi Ndi Biafra:

May interject some reasoning to the rantings of Vincent Anasomething rather than for Biafra to be misled and abused again by someone of Prewar Generation of Nnewi Men, we will gladly assert metaphorically the rights to Your Tents O' Isreal what portion do we have in the fraudulent culture of Nnewi Men?  It has not been too long when Nigerian Daily Press carried News of Ojukwu's Niece been caught with Controlled substance in Brazil and in 2015 I visited the Prisons of Manilla in Asia and there were two hundred and thirty-eight Ibos on death row for trafficking in Controlled Substance and Nnewi has a substantial percentage of these convicted felons.  So rather than Nnewi Man of Prewar Generation be given an opportunity to embezzle Biafran Funds again we the descendants of the Participants of the Ibo Women Tax Revolt of 1929 will break rankings with the Nnewi Group and assert our differences.  However, it is worth noting that Ojukwu may have provided leadership for prosecuting the Nigerian/Biafran War but the war was funded by the following:
1) Chief Oji Ogbu of Okwuodor, he provided all of the Fleets of Vehicles with which Biafra transported Troops during the war
2) Champion Dick Tiger
3) Abiriba Business Men in Diaspora and
those who embezzled Biafran Meagre Financial Resources include:
The Prewar Generation of Nnewi Men led by Barrister C.C. Mojekwu and Dr. Ikedife is a man of interest in the conspiracy theory
4) Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe of Arondizuogo
and those who have privileged knowledge of the balances of Biafran Foreign Bank Accounts include:
5) Mazi Sylvester Ugo of Mbaise
6) Mazi Sebastian Mezue of Owerri
7) Late Mazi Raiph Uwachue of Asaba
8) The Family of Ojukwu and
9) Dr. Ikedife
The Pre War Generation of Nnewi Men lacks the moral and ethical standing to champion the Neo Biafran Agitation for Self-Determination. Biafrans should remember that the Prewar Generation of Nnewi Men are the individuals who are asserting that the lives of Nwanoyingbo do not matter rather what matters is their capital asset in Nigeria.
Umu Biafra Udidirionu.

Mazi Peter Ejirika
Veteran of the Battle of Oguta and Egbema

Mr. Vincent Anaenugwu:
When are you going to stop this nonsense? When are you going to stop doubling down on sheer stupidity?
Neither you nor your lord and master can categorize “70,000,000” Biafrans as “indigenous people”. I doubt that either of you understands the meaning of “indigenous” in the (none-)sense that you use it. You may commandeer it for your pitiful organization, but cannot apply it to the people of Biafra.
But, if you are speaking about the people of Biafra, then, know ye that Biafrans live on their own land (although the government and laws of Nigeria [which you, yes, you and your master and ilk, have sworn to totally uphold], using its criminal, parasitic Land Use Act, has annexed and usurped all our land; and now, by the same laws and policy, the densely stupid Igbo governors, without our consent,  are ceding Biafraland to Fulani Herdsmen, the same that have sworn to kill us all and dispossess us).
Know ye that we are the solid majority in our own land. To refer to Biafrans as “indigenous people” in your nonsensical categorization is the equivalent of referring to Blacks in South Africa as “indigenous”.
The problem with you is that you are proving that you have  no capacity to understand anything or learn anything new, but must stick to your own utterly wrong-headed ideas and wrong direction, a parrot merely echoing what it’s heard repeatedly, ad nauseum; sheep dutifully following and defending sheep.
Keep on publishing your so-called “Press Release”. You have time to kill.
Biafrans ignore that stuff.
Oguchi Nkwocha, MD., MSc.
Nwa Biafra
A Biafran Citizen.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 10:11 AM, vincent anaenugwu wrote:
The attention of the Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) has been drawn to a newspaper publication (Sunday Sun)  credited to Comrade Emma Powerful that IPOB would never be part of Nigeria politics and cannot support Anambra State elections.

It has increasingly become necessary to reiterate that IPOB stands for 'Indigenous People of Biafra, and there are about 70,000 ,000 of these indigenous Biafrans living everywhere across the globe. All of these people are referred to as indigenous persons of Biafra.

The public should, however note that the IPOB being referred to by Emma powerful are people who pay allegiance to a company called IPOB Limited, registered in the UK.

The Customary Government of IPOB being administered by Engr Anthony Aniebue under the Leadership of Rtd Justice Eze Ozobu and Dr Ikedife has been in the Federal High Court, Owerri with the Nigerian Government since 2012 and the case is still progressing with positive results.

From the beginning, the Solicitor of the IPOB,  Barr Emeka Emekesiri has made his approach to restore Biafra known to all parties including Nigerian Government. These approaches are legal, diplomatic and political. The legal is still ongoing, and the Indigenous People of Biafra through Bilie Human Rights Initiative  just sent a delegation to the United Nations. The IPOB has also created a political platform known as MOBIN(Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria).This movement will be used by Biafran politicians to participate in Nigerian politics while still living in Nigeria. MOBIN has gone into alliance to act as a mobilization agent for a registered political party in Nigeria known as United Progressive Party (UPP).

The Customary Government of IPOB will continue to preach for peace, love and unity among all Biafrans living in Nigeria and elsewhere. Let nobody be confused as our rule of engagement is intellectual battle built on truth and nothing but the truth.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director of Information, CG-IPOB
Monday, 20th February, 2017.
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