Horror ! Militant spiritualist exposed in Imo as 5 human skulls found in his church

www.odogwublog.com reports that nemesis caught up with acclaimed man of God, pastor Ngozi Odika who is the General Overseer of Arch of Covenant Ministry located at Ububo -Alia,Awara in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo state as some youths of the area believed to be ex militants beat him black and blue for allegedly using his church as a spiritual ground for militants who patronize him for spiritual powers.

According to a witness from the oil rich community, bubble for Odika busted when his girlfriend (name withed) who is said to be his accomplice was caught with some fetish objects by some repentant militants from the area.

According to the witness,the lady who was already known to the ex militants was stopped on her way to an errand for the pastor. She was searched and behold hairs believed to be that of a human,animal horns and other fetish objects was seen on her.

The bewildered youths wasted no time as they descended on her, beat her to stupor before dragging her to the pastor at the church where he was already waiting for her. The beating further disclosed the witness continued with the pastor as he was later handed to vigilantes in the area .

His alter was later turned upside down and other revelations emerged. In his alter was found 5 human heads buried alongside some other skulls of animals,the youths also discovered a basin of blood and fingernails at discreet area of the church.

On interrogation by the vigilantes,he confessed to being a spiritual father to the militants who come to him for various powers and other members of his church.

Odika was also alleged to use strands of hair of babies dedicated at the church for his devilish rituals.

Another source who squealed to www.odogwublog.com  alleged that the pastor after preparing charms for some militants was constantly on their neck to pay him, but when some of the militants charms became impotent,they became angry and accused him of reversing the charms he prepared for them.

This according to the witness led to a conspiracy that exposed the pastor popularly known as "Muscle boy" during his post primary school days.

When the State Police Public Relation Officer,DSP Andrew Enwerem was contacted he said the command was yet to be briefed on the incident.

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