More than 25,000 Gambians have reportedly taken refuge in Senegal Credit: Reuters
. As Senegal Moves Troops close to Gambian Border

As the Deadline issued by ECOWAS for Yahya Jammeh to step down as President of Gambia closes, The Senegalese troops have been moving close to the Gambian border in preparation to pressure Yahya Jammeh to stand down.

Nigeria is also reported to have sent to Senegal an Air force contingent in preparation for the show of force to oust the Incumbent president whose tenure will end this night. 

Meanwhile, President Yahya Jammeh declared State of Emergency   which was backed by the Gambian National Assembly extending the tenure of the embattled President by 3 months. He declared the state of emergency citing extraordinary foreign interference in the country’s post-electoral crisis.

In a recent telephone conversation with the ECOWAS Chairperson, the Gambian President requested for ECOWAS Judicial support to end the crisis by sending ECOWAS judges to come treat the post Election petition filed by Yahya Jammeh.

The extension of the tenure of Yahyah Jammeh came as a surprise but that may pave way for the political resolution of the crisis that is about to hit the small nation. ECOWAS may ply this road to make sure that the post-election crisis brewing in the country due to the refusal of Jammeh from stepping down.

ECOWAS is seeking United Nations backing to intervene militarily to oust Jammeh, who has ruled The Gambia since taking power in a bloodless coup in 1994.

. Vice President Resigns

In anticipation of the forceful eviction of Yahya Jammeh from power, the Country's Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy has resigned. She announced her resignation hours before official end of the tenure of Mr. Jammeh’s administration as the country’s political impasse gets worse over the refusal of Mr Jammeh to relinquish power to the President-elect Adama Barrow who was scheduled to be sworn in on Thursday.

The Gambian Minister of Higher Education, Aboubacar Senghore has also resigned saying he cannot serve after the expiration of the tenure of his principal. 

. Tourists Flee Gambia

Thousands of Tourists are been evacuated from the country believing there maybe bloodshed at the expiration of the tenure of Jammeh if he refuses to step down to pave way for the inauguration of Adama Barrow as the President of Gambia.

. Possible Military Action 

The Economic Community of West African States, has mandated Senegal, to spearhead military intervention, but only as a last resort and with the backing of the UN Security Council.

"We are ready and are awaiting the deadline at midnight," Col Abdou Ndiaye, a spokesman for the Senegalese military, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency. 

"If no political solution is found, we will step in."

The Government of Nigeria has confirmed that the country has sent fighter jets and at least 200 soldiers to join their Senegalese counterparts for a Gambian mission.

Ayodele Famuyiwa, the spokesperson of the Nigerian Air force confirmed the deployment in a press release made available to the media.

“The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has deployed to Senegal as part of Nigerian contingent of Economic Community of West African States Military Intervention in Gambia (ECOMIG) – a standby force tasked by ECOWAS Heads of State to enforce the December 1, 2016 election mandate in the The Gambia,” Mr. Famuyiwa, a Group Captain, said.
“The NAF today moved a contingent of 200 men and air assets comprising fighter jets, transport aircraft, Light Utility Helicopter as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft to Dakar from where it is expected to operate into Gambia.”
Nigeria sends air force unit to Senegal Credit: NAF

. Citizens Fleeing the Country

BBC reported that about 26,000 Gambian mostly women and children had crossed into Senegal by Monday evening amid fears that violence could erupt, the UN refugee agency said, citing Senegalese government figures.

Questions begging for answers is if ECOWAS will still go ahead with the threat of using military action to oust the embattled President amidst the Tenure extension by the Gambian National Assembly.
Will it not be difficult as ECOWAS will need the approval of the UN security Council before using Military Action.

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