Moses was within and with the people Israelites to save! Try and get this simple irrevocable principle!! You can't win till you are playing!! Come home and showcase your calling to the people! This is what everyone says here! You have to be with the people!!
No prophet or messenger of God or from d Almighty God, from the foundation of this world, has ever saved, delivered messages or done the works of God from far distance! The prophets MUST work and WALK with the people!!
All servants, messengers, light bearers, prophets, saviors or whatever terms you can call them, live with and within the people!!
God doesn't change! He remains d same yesterday, today and forever!! So if you're a prophet/prophetess in diasporas talk to those within your territories not us here (Biafrans living in Biafran lands). There is an irrevocable laws predicated before the foundation of this world upon which every bless is approved n if we obtain any blessing it MUST be by this LAW: "You can't change any situation until you become part of that situation!!" 
God couldn't win or save man until He became man in Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ couldn't collect the keys of hell an death until He went to hell!! The Almighty God couldn't win the Egyptian gods until He became: snake in Mose's hands, frogs everywhere every place, locust, fire and brimstone, water to blood, dust to boils, stick to divide the red seas, sound to pull down the walls of Jericho, stick to make axe head float, sand to open blind eyes, spoken word to heal n save us all, stripes to heal n deliver, blood to save n give us immortality/resurrection n atonement n others to mention but a few!! Am neither a pastor nor a preacher but an ordinary free moral agent!! Freedom and reasoning make us humans so l wander wonder!!
All those who are sent to save us, like Moses, must join in present slave camps! Come home and feel with the people!! Jesus Christ came from heaves to FEEL with the people!! Let's stop these God sent to save but aloof panaromas day dreams!! 

TO ALL PROPHETS IN DIASPORA!! By Prof Agbodike TO ALL PROPHETS IN DIASPORA!! By Prof Agbodike   Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Friday, January 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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