The blessings of wickedness by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

The blessings of wickedness
Livy-Elcon Emereonye
When you are despised or maltreated for whom you are, rejoice and be happy; when you are “marked” out for victimization and destruction, be strong and encouraged; when faced with uncommon challenges and baseless attacks, embrace the toughest option. Resolve to beat history by seeking and getting the best from the worst. Determine to overcome evil with good for better and you would get, enjoy the gains of pains. Embrace life with a winner’s mindset and you would realize that every circumstance, condition, is indeed an uncommon opportunity for self-realization, self-discovery and meaningful recreation. Every event has its value. Just discover the “why” for the time.

There will always be a reason for the season that might not be known from the onset. However, as time progresses and events unfold, there would be more reasons, to the discerning minds, to appreciate the prevailing circumstance and the associated fate. By accepting things as they are while resolving to improve them to soothe our expectation, there would be an unwavering desire with the working faith to getting the best from the worst. But to really change the status quo, there must be a real change of mind and a change of approach because one cannot be doing the same thing over and again and expect to get a different result.

Inherent in every champion is the ability to convert weakness into strength and the will to get opportunity in every threat – and this is where the blessings of evil come into being. So if you are strong, upright and determined, those who plan your downfall will end up witnessing your success and broadcasting your victory.

Look inward. Turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone, and you will have an uncommon success story. It is feasible, and it is doable. With the determination to be a winner, every oppressing tendency could be turned into an uplifting success factor. This is the case of the Igbo race under the present APC led federal government. What a true case of your “enemy” making the mistake that advances your cause?
Yes, a wholesome policy of “exclusion” meant to subjugate and punish Igbo people ended up to unite them by re-awakening the spirit of “Umunna” and “Igwebuike” and with the unity comes the drive for massive individual development of Alaigbo by Ndigbo since the government refused to develop the zone. And little drops of water that make a might ocean, only time will tell what this individual developmental stride will translate into … Certainly, the testimony will be too visible, loud and clear.

Events of recent past have challenged and motivated Ndigbo to take their destiny in their hands. Yes, we have myriads of problems – self-inflicted, man-made and natural problems but the good news is that they are surmountable if we go out to change the narratives, device possible means of solution and then walk the talk. The problems of economic decline especially in this period of recession, the unfavorable balance of trade, a growing shortage of money and a depressed economy in Alaigbo should be solved by no one else but Ndigbo through workable ‘think home initiative’ and ‘invest in Alaigbo drive.’ Let every Onyeigbo begin to repatriate part of his business and service to Alaigbo for job and wealth creation. As part of business expansion, invest something in Alaigbo this year no matter how small – and the time to start is now. Yes, if Igbo people have triumphed over worse cases, the meaningful and massive development of our land is just a question of time. No place like home. At this juncture, there is a need for caveat: “Go about your business in a civilized manner that you will not constitute nuisance to anyone.” Investing at home is the best form of business expansion – do it right and now.

It is no more news that the story of Igbo race, the history of Igbo nation is a masterpiece of resilience, self reliance and survival instinct. When pushed to the wall, they break forth and do exploits, getting pearls from pains.

Let the work begin, and where there is harsh condition, create conducive environment; where there is enmity, create friendship; overcome every lie and false assumption with truth and facts; challenge one another for meaningful development and good success. Start and others will follow.

Let there be an enabling environment that people should compete and develop at their pace. Let there be equity in the land. We need a balanced and endearing system of government to establish justice, ensure democratic tranquility and enthrone the blessings of liberty. Above all, we need freedom and economic emancipation. 
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