The office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria is supposed to be the most Powerful and exalted Position in Nigeria. The Presidential seat of Power is supposed to have and exude some glory, virtue and splendour. 

But after watching for the second time, the video of what transpired yesterday in court between Nnamdi kanu, the DSS and the judges, i felt so pained and ashamed to be presided over by the most cow-friendly president ever. 

For the first time, i am admitting that Nigeria is truely a fraud. Nigeria is a failed Project and i am not apologetic about it.

 Notably, One of the things the prayers of the saints will do before 2019 is to help intensify efforts to orchestrate, facilitate and and perpetuate the RISE and REIGN of a NATION in a nation called Nigeria. Yes, there is a NATION in this Nation. That nation will rise in due season when all things would have completely worked out for her good. Mark my words and note my tenses : It will happen in few months from now. 

Nigeria is no longer a country but a COWntry - consisting of leaders whose sense of Human has been RUPTURED and FRACTURED by a president whose love and Admiration for cows surpasses by far that which he has for humans. 

The continued detention of Nnamdi kanu by Buhari coupled with some of the dramas that Always play out every time they bring him to court for trial has systematically and ridiculously reduced the virtue and splendour of the Nigerian most exalted seat of Power to a mere joke. Shambolic. 

The glory of the office of the Nigerian president has Since evaporated. What we now have in Aso Rock is a mere ceremonial president. The Presidential elixir and essence has left him Since, and the resultant effect of that is that he (Buhari) will soon Experience a colossal and monumental fall. 

Buhari keeps on loosing the few respect that was left of him by the day as long as Nnamdi kanu is in prison and especially every time he is brought to court.

 Why can't Buhari just let that young man go as it is glaringly obvious that he has no case? 

In conclusion, i still remember that When the gods want to destroy a man, they would first of all make him mad. And it is only the spirit of madness that would make the president of a COWntry arrest and kill unarmed protesters but protect and shield terrorists also a.k.a fulani herdsmen.  #NigeriaDecays# 

Kenny Obiora Harnessing Humanity

NNAMDI KANU INCREASES , BUT BUHARI DECREASES By Kenny Obiora NNAMDI KANU INCREASES , BUT BUHARI DECREASES By Kenny Obiora    Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Friday, January 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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