IPOB members tear themselves apart in Houston

Amina in Zamfara and Ahmadu in Yobe need only 2/200 and 4/200 to get admission in Unity School, while Ekaete in Cross River and Emeka in Anambra have to score minimum of 120/200 and 140/200 to get admission in the same school. A policeman from Adamawa state who has secondary school certificate will be made superintendent of police, while his counterpart from SE or SS with BSc. or HND will be made assistant superintendent of police and he will be reporting to less qualified officer from the north. A federal ministry worker from Kebbi state that has secondary school certificate will be made a director, while graduates from  SE and SS will be made his or her subordinates.
All the above injustice are done in the name of federal character/quota system. Where are all elected leaders from  SS, SE, Igala areas of Kogi state and Idoma areas of Benue state? Why have they remain silent and watch our graduates rove streets of big cities in search of work when secondary school dropouts from north are getting major jobs? For allowing our people suffer injustice we will sack all Abuja politicians from our regions.
MOBIN (Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria) beckons on all people of SE, SS, Igala and Idoma areas of Kogi and Benue states to join hands with us take back what belongs to us. The resources in our land will no longer be used to build NE which is destroyed by northerners. We are bold to say no to that. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We want freedom. We cannot remain as slaves and third class citizens in this geographical expression.
Join hands with us and liberate our people. Join MOBIN Facebook group page and add all your friends and relatives of Ogoni, Igbo, Efik, Igala, Ishekiri, Idoma, Ijaw, Kalibari, Ikwere, Ibibio, etc tribes to MOBIN page. We want to vote out all Abuja politicians from our regions and replace them with good people like you so that you and other good leaders can ask for referendum for our libration. When good men like you fail to talk and act, injustice and slavery against our people will continue. Join MOBIN now.
MOBIN - For total political and economic emancipation of our people.
Obumneke Cyprian Okafor

Mr. Ejirika,

I have been reading you since I was added to this mailing list/group. I will tell you that most of the time you sound like a foolish person. Sorry that I have to use a harsh word to describe your behavior.

After reading you here, I had to call Houston which took me many calls to get to people who are aware of this. I was told that. The idea of the Petition is not your idea, is came from a call to demonstrate against the government of Nigeria by one of the participants of the meeting held in Houston. That instead of a demonstration, Dr. Okeke suggested that a petition should be more appropriate as our young people will not be exposed to the barrels of the Nigeria trigger happy army, and also it will serve many different purposes including obtaining data, and figures for the struggle. I was told also that you submitted the original draft copy to Chiwuikem who modified it. I was also made to understand that they wanted to wait so that all modalities including funding, necessary for the successful implementation are in place, when you hurriedly sent it out putting the project is jeopardy and everybody looking for solution. Right now this project is not properly funded, you have not sent in any money, you do not have any idea how much it will cost to make copies or plan out the necessary logistics required for a project of this magnitude. You are a bad business period.

If all these are true and I believe my Houston source, you are dangerous to this struggle and should be removed immediately from this project.
I was also informed how you condemned everybody at home including calling Amadi a no body.
Mr. Ejirika, I think you are suffering from PSTD. you need help and if any person loves you, they should provide you medical help.

In this struggle we have had enough divisions, many groups, many leaders and any person claiming what/idea he did not create or trying to make others look bad is a traitor. Right now Mr Ejirika you are looking like a traitor as far as I am concerned.

Thank you.

Ugbo ndi Igbo n' Eko.

Subject: Re: Be involved now! Speak out now!! Not Later!

Hi Ikpa and Egeonu:

Dr. Okeke has no right to direct your authority in the distribution of the Referendum Instrument. The Referendum Instrument is my work product and I produced it single-handedly. Nobody knows the next stage or who called for the referendum or how it is intended to be used. Also, I researched the legal authority and the type of Referendum that is appropriate for Biafra without help from anybody.  Dr. Okeke is a surgeon, as a result, he misunderstands the whole concept of a Referendum, more so, self-determination as an imperative instrument for action so ignore his call or demands.  I designed and developed the instrument and he has no hands or input in that effort. He wants to create a name for himself but I want to revenge the death of my brothers and my boys who were killed by Nigerians so I have a more serious investment in anything Biafra.  I don't belong to his group and he has no rights to interfere in the distribution process.  He was in Britain while I fought for Biafra as a fifteen-year-old.  I had an opportunity to leave with Baptist Missionaries in Port Harcourt but my father resisted that offer because he was a Veteran and wanted his boys to experience the war.  I fought in Finima Beach, Iwofe, Onne, Umuokoro, Oguta, Egbema, and Umuna, Okigiwe and I am not willing to be trodden upon by someone who did not fight the war. Upon completion of the signature process, Biafrans will collectively decide who will carry the outcome to the cognizance entities.  At this time, I have four names who I will nominate to be amongst the group who will carry the outcome of the Referendum to the cognizance entities but Biafrans will make the choice.  The names include Dr. Afamuefula of Spain, Dr. Nkwocha, Barrister Dike, the Constitutional Expert for Billie, and Dr. Nina Nwanagboso of Chicago.   Peace.

Mazi Peter Ejirika. 

Mazi Ejirika,

Where went your critical thinking cap?

I thought you should have read in-between the lines to see the Oaths that must be taken for you to take up any political position in Nigeria. Now, tell me how you can now talk of leaving Nigeria when you are under such oath. Hence, it is a warning shot for those who are "Nigerians by citizenship" who want to use Nigerian politics to get Biafra independence. I wonder how they can achieve that when they are under such oaths.

Put on your critical thinking caps, my dear Prof Ejirika.

Mazi Iroanya

Mazi Ejirika,

The oath is not for you, so don't worry about it.  The oath is for those going into Nigerian politics so that they know what awaits them. We have a song when we dance mmanwu in my village and it is titled : "onye abanyekwana, obanye otoo".

Mazi Iroanya 

Mazi Iroanya:
I am a Baptist by denomination and a Christian by faith.  However, my faith does not allow me to take oaths.  I was never a Nigeria and would never be. Did you see any razor blade stripes on my face, the last time you met me in Austin?     

If you fail to speak for yourself, someone will speak for you. If you fail to participate in politics, someone that is worse than you will lead you. If you fail to say no to bad leadership and vote out bad leaders, they will consolidate in power and use you to bargain for their selfish interests.
We see the results of failure to participate in politics in Eastern region. Edwin Clarke and other Abuja politicians from Niger-Delta chose themselves as mouthpiece of their people a couple of months ago. Instead of presenting Niger-Delta agenda to federal government, they asked for more oil wells for themselves. Current political leaders from SE seek for good relationship and continuous flow of national cake from federal government instead of presenting Igbo and Biafra agenda to FG. They are afraid to move motion for Biafra freedom in national assembly. With current bootlicking behaviour of leaders from Eastern region we will never come out  of our political, economic and security miseries.
MOBIN (Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria) has come to liberate us from economic and political bondage in Nigeria. MOBIN is a political group that is setup for all states of old Eastern region (including the Igalas in Kogi state). My people, we are one. We should not allow our enslavers to continue to divide us. If you are Igala, Ibibio, Igbo, Ijaw, Ishekiri, Kalibari, Ikwere, etc we are one. Join MOBIN Facebook group page and help in libration of our people. We need minimum of 500,000 members for total emancipation of Eastern region. Only Rivers state has over 1,000,000 eligible voters, thus to get half the number is a possible target. We encourage you to join MOBIN. Add your friends and relatives to this group. MOBIN is exclusively for people of Eastern region. We don't want outsiders in our midst.
MOBIN - for economic and political emancipation of our people. Note that if you are a freedom fighter, but you do not have fellow freedom fighter as governor of your state and have freedom fighters in all other elective positions,  Abuja politicians will always use you for negotiation of their political and selfish interests. Join  MOBIN now to free yourself and your people.
Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor

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