IPOB members are mad people? By Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Good Morning Biafrans, 

It takes a mad man to handle a fellow mad man. We have always written that our Political Leaders have acted in ways and manners that could be described as ' dancing mad' .Nobody should blame Nnamdi Kanu and team for daring the Nigeria Authority like mad men. So many things are wrong with Nigeria. 

Those of us under the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra are dangerously mad but our own type of madness are still under the control of reasoning and common sense. If you are living in Nigeria and you are not mad, it is either you are deeply involved in Nigeria corruption or you have booked a ticket to Heaven and in love with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Customary government of IPOB wishes to remind IPOB under the Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that we are all trying to cure madness everywhere but using different pills. Biafra remains our destination. Our determination and resolve to establish a sane, equitable and just society can never be compromised. For many decades, our people in Nigeria have given in everything they have to ensure that Nigeria project works.They have built companies everywhere in Nigeria. They have accepted Nigeria more than Nigeria could accept them. Our best brains were made to work under the command and control of men without certificate. We have endured thus this far hoping that our brothers in the far north and west could see our clean hearts and accord us the merited respect as human. 

Sadly, our people have always been slaughtered like Christmas cow, our girls have always been abducted and deflowered. Many of our beautiful ladies in order to survive have to follow the owners of Nigeria. Our competitiveness have been destroyed at the altar of federal character and our value system devalued. Our Scientists could not be allowed to generate electricity because of deliberate federal laws. Our teachers and lecturers could no longer concentrate with research work because of disorderly system. Our Doctors cannot function because disrespect for the doctor of life. Our economists cannot build economic models because of lack of reliable data in Nigeria. Our Lawyers have lost respect because of military imposed constitution. Our gallant soldiers and most respected police officers are disillusioned. Should we continue? 

Today a litre of kerosene is sold for N400.A cylinder of 13kg cooking gas is N5000.The cost of food items have gone to the ceiling.Public school system have collapsed. Private schools have curved the Fulani - made knife to deal with parents. Who will save the ordinary people?  How many people can President Buhari N5000 stipend give lives? Perhaps, President Buhari may not know that the youths are jobless, angry and frustrated. Why should anybody blame Nnamdi Kanu for being mad!!  I am mad myself!! 

The political class has made the people poor. The people are hungry. Through CBN, the Abuja power has made it impossible for people to secure loan and where you meet the conditions, the interest rate will still destroy your business. Tell me the hope for us in Nigeria. The masses have been liberated through Nnamdi Kanu type of madness. The ordinary policeman on the road has been liberated, so also as even the ordinary DSS man. Nnamdi Kanu has been able to prove that Nigeria is not a Nation but Country with many Nations forced to live together. 

The Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra will continue to use the legal and diplomatic approaches to pursue the Biafra project.CG-IPOB will continue to preach for the unity of all the pro Biafra groups and will always stand against any group creating unnecessary division among the family. The recent exchange of fire between IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu and Ralph Uwazurike should be discouraged by all. Associating Uwazurike name with secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu without evidence is libellous and counter productive . Chief Ralph Uwazurike response is also rather provocative. Customary Govt of the Indigenous People of Biafra calls for ceasefire while we retire to inner Chambers for brotherly resolution. 

 Those who want to join us in serving the Biafra people  should visit www. Ipobgovernment. org to join the community of Biafrans. or Join us on facebook at BVI Channel 1 or call our Administrator via 08038072613.

Thank you and good morning. 

Ndubuisi is the image maker of CG-IPOB

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