IPOB, MASSOB, Zionist, Lower Niger , Billie set for war against one Nigeria

Yes we are united on the idea of Biafra Restoration – that is unity of purpose but we lack the actual unity and our enemy knows that. We do not have to tell him, it is written all over our method and approach.
Now let me use a War Scenario to draw/work this out so that we all can see the picture and if possible make up our minds on what is actually going on and what we will achieve this year.
War scenario,
Unity of Purpose - Defeat the Enemy
Execution – Five or more different, none communication/interacting powerful Armies (IPOB, MASSOB, Zionist, Lower Niger, BILIE etc)
The Enemy – Army of One (Nigeria)
So here we have 5 very powerful armies trying to defeat one common enemy.
If you have the defeat of an enemy as the unity of purpose and you have five or more different uncoordinated armies under five different commands. If this five military commands face a common enemy -  the Army of One without a central command post under one General who takes orders from resolutions of the leadership of the various countries.
Will they win the war?
Please for answer check the Arab-Israeli Wars (1947, 1967, and 1973). In all these wars, Israel which was smaller won and took over some lands belonging to the Arabs. The reason Israel won is that the Arabs had unity of purpose - to defeat and occupy Israel but not united in commands, methods and organization. They were thinking of their individual loots and benefits, the spoils, and the land which stopped/blinded them from unifying under one command.
Now compare it to a war fought while united. The coalition forces o 2003 Iraq war. Multi National Force under the US command in Iraq.
If we unite, we become a powerful force that may look like Multi-National Force and we will overpower the opposition. In unity lies strength. If we overlook it because of the spoils, we will be the Arabs in this case.
Dr. Ejirika, whether we say that we are united or not, it is showing in our approach, presentation, execution and result. Either way, the enemy knows. Example. If the UN call us today to negotiate for Biafra. Who will they invite? Who will speak and on what point? Under whose authority/constitution/charter will they be speaking for? We go there individually, we will be sitting among other organizations in one committee or the other. Now, tell me if unity of purpose is the only thing we need.
Now, I am not calling for the exit of any person rather I am calling for the inclusion of all. The Customary Government at home should be supported by all. Every organization should be represented in the Customary Government. I will strongly suggest that we should leave the people at home to run it because they are on the frontline especially those who are already visible in this struggle. To my understanding, if I am not mistaken, when it was formed originally, all the major actors, organizations came together and birthed the Customary Government.
Right now we are uncoordinated. Please let’s not take the illusion that we called for a demonstration and people come out or the seat at home worked for proper execution or coordination. Yes the people are ready but the leadership is still far.
Also let me use this opportunity to draw a picture of what I think that will happen to IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu in a very near future if they refuse to make changes. You see if a chicken that hatches its chicks is out to feed its chicks and was trapped by a hunter or a Chicken hound. Now if all the chicks stops there, walking around their trapped mother, waiting for her release, they will all starve to death or an enemy will get them. That is Buhari’s plan. But if they remember their original goal which was going to feed, they will survive.  We should call for Nnamdi Kanu to be released, we should work hard to see him released but we must keep our eyes on the goal – restoration of Biafra and unity is the weapon. 
Chiwuikem Ihediwa
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