Her Excellency Chief Mrs Obiano, Osodieme is the Cornucopia woman of the year 2016 By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

When Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano took over, I watched the office of the Governor’s wife and Ministry of Social Welfare, Children and Women Affairs keenly having served at its corridors for about 7 years unofficially though.

Every activity of the Governor’s wife office was known to me, as a known terrain having observed the wonderful activities the wife of the former Governor, Mrs Margaret Peter Obi did there for the state. Dr Mrs Cordelia Ego Uzoezie was superintending as Commissioner. Uzoezie is now Provost of Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe.
The first interview published in the print and online on the wife of incumbent Governor, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, was done by me, but, don’t ask me how I managed to capture that as she doesn’t grant interview. She never said thanks neither her aides.

Then Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ), a Non-governmental organization, set up by the wife of the governor, Chief Mrs. Obiano was formed. It was a huge success already and thanks to one of its great financiers, Prince Engr Arthur Eze. The over 10 houses built by CAFÉ for indigent widows among others were done by Prince Eze, so said Governor Obiano.

Let me not mention the under deals at CAFÉ now and people bringing shame to the efforts of that office until opportune time having being a close observer. But I and the ‘powerful lady’ Aisha Edwards, National President of people living with Sickle Cell Anaemia (APLSCA) did a great deal of work for them unappreciated.
The Late Managing Director of Ekwulobia Urban Mass Transit, Obi Okoli sponsored the initial trip to package the entire 21 local government areas for Obiano’s wife. It was interesting but subsequently office of the First Lady/Café took over but till today never paid a dime on their promises yet we did the work. Late Okoli , a good man assured to offset the bills but death snatched him away unsung. May his soul rest in peace….Amen.
Some even short-changed us and Aisha particularly even stealing ideas. This is a story for another day. They got it easy because Aisha fell in love with Osodieme and refused to fight back. Who am I crying more than the bereaved? I swallowed my saliva hard?
Osodieme’s campaign is yielding fruits for the physically challenged graduates in the state because now her husband boosts of that. Some have gotten jobs and others on free education while many have gotten thousands of visual aid, hearing aid and walking aid like artificial limbs etc free. Over 200 were celebrated during Christmas and so many have befitted from her cleft lips surgery scheme.

CAFÉ under the watch of Osodieme , the first lady isn’t all roses as some of the CAFÉ Ambassadors went beyond their brief and rather than CAFÉ assisting poor rural women, they now contribute to support the First lady? There is a hotel built during Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju and furnished during Peter Obi’s era that has changed to CAFÉ hotel? A close scrutiny at records of the Ministry of Social Welfare , Children and Women Affairs wasn’t thrilling. Issues around Child trafficking, baby factory and related matters? There are flaws probably unknown to Chief Mrs Obiano? Such a huge story for another day.
But there are so many glory ascribed to CAFÉ to be ignored, hence first lady of Anmabra state, Osodieme should take a bow for winning Cornucopia woman of the year for her exceptional care for the Anambra State School for the Physically Challenged at Isulo, Orumba North council area.

Her passion for the school has changed their plight as she noted that  she wanted the physically challenged in Anambra State not to feel neglected, marginalized or resort to begging because of their physical conditions.

She believes that all men are equal, and therefore, should enjoy equal opportunities and she wants them to feel happier than the so-called able bodied persons.

    The home for the physically challenged in Isulo has witnessed huge transformation under her husband’s government. And Cornucopia salutes Governor Willie Obiano for joining his wife in attending to the inmates because before now they are neglected and abandoned. Though Obi’s wife did her best for them, and Mr Godwin Ezeemo celebrated with them, Obiano’s wife transformed them.

Obiano’s wife in 2014 wept when she visited the Home as it was in the middle of the bush, as if the inmates were rejected people.

    Her words: “The first time I visited this place in 2o14, it was in the middle of the bush. The buildings here were collapsed. Life in this place was too terrible to contemplate. The inmates had no drinking water, no class rooms, nothing!
    “What I did first was to dig borehole here so that they would have portable water. I went to my husband, the governor, and explained to him the sorry state of this Home. I begged him to overhaul this place totally; and, thank God for his kind of person. He quickly responded and went into work.
    “Today, with the quantum of work done by our governor here, I believe my children, the inmates, are happy”, she said.
    She urged the people of Anambra State to support the governor, especially in their prayers, so that he would continue to pilot the affairs of the state and take it to the Promised Land.
    “Do not allow this golden opportunity God has given to us to slip out of our hands”, she added.
Obiano’s wife and CAFÉ have empowered not less than 1,000 less privileged persons from the various parts of the state to enable them fend for themselves. One of such trainings with about 100 people was facilitated with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The beneficiaries were trained in various fields, received equipment, which would enable them start up vocations in goods and service delivery, so that they could become self-employed and employers of labour in their various communities.

The 100 trained persons include 40 physically challenged men and women, who were trained in computer literacy, tailoring, shoe making and hair dressing, another 60 were youths, women and widows, who were trained in soap making and confectionery. Every day a new cap is added to CAFÉ and new homes smile for being citizens and residents in Anambra: on this Her Excellency, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, Osodieme takes a bow! Congratulations! We will soon enter the election season by March, 2017.
Cornucopia is written by  Odogwu Emeka Odogwu. Odogwu is an Editor, writer, journalist, blogger, publisher and commentator on National Issues. He is based in Awka Anambra state and could be reached on 08060750240 e mail: odogwuchampionawka@yahoo.co.uk

Photo of Osodieme commissioning a water scheme at a widow's home after commissioning a bungalow
Her Excellency Chief Mrs Obiano, Osodieme is the Cornucopia woman of the year 2016 By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu  Her Excellency Chief Mrs Obiano, Osodieme is the Cornucopia woman of the year 2016 By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Monday, January 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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