Donald Trump Hits Port –Harcourt for IPOB mega Rally, as IPOB fights self online reports that all roads lead to Igweocha (Port-Harcourt)  on Friday, January 20th, 2017 for IPOB-organized rally in support of the 45th President of the USA, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

The BVI Channel-1 is already advertizing the rally on behalf of IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, so you can get details there as well. 

For those in the USA, I still have one inauguration invitation card to give out, in case you want to attend.
Donald Trump would be inaugurated January 20th as the 45th United States President. The rally would be peaceful because Trump is " Biafran friend".
A statement issued by IPOB's  Media and Publicity Officer, Emma  Powerful, said the peaceful rally would also feature prayers for the immediate release of the detained  IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kalu.
" We are calling on all IPOB family members and Biafrans from all over West Africa, Nigeria and Biafraland to descend on Igweocha for the long awaited peaceful IPOB-TRUMP SOLIDARITY RALLY on Friday 20th January 2017. Venue is Igweocha nicknamed Port-Harcourt River State", the statement said.

"We are going to ask the Sovereign Lord  God Almighty (Chukwu Okike Abiama)  for Trump's successful take over on that day and for the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafran agitators detained illegally  in various  DSS secret cells and prisons across Nigeria", the statement added.

IPOB warned security forces against disrupting the peaceful rally, saying that President Muhammadu Buhari should be held responsible should its members be killed by " any trigger- happy security agent".
IPOB cautioned Gov. Nyesom Wike not to allow the Federal Government use him to disorganize the proposed rally.   
"As usual we shall maintain strict discipline of non violence and non engagement with enemy combatants -the Nigerian Army and Police. 
"However we must reiterate that should President Buhari order his soldiers to fire at IPOB peaceful protesters, heaven will fall. 
"The non violent position of our great movement will be revoked with immediate effect. Our only interest is to exercise our right to peaceful protest and lawful assembly as recognised in law."
The statement further read: "Should any trigger happy army or police personnel fire at our members, the world should hold Buhari responsible for any outcome. 
"Gov. Nyesom Wike is also hereby reminded of his responsibility to protect the lives of those on peaceful rally. 
"He should not allow himself to be used by Northern elements within the security apparatus in Igweocha to kill our people. We have not forgiven him for his past actions, so he must be careful not to allow a breakdown of law and order on the 20th as a result of any provocative behaviour by the Hausa Fulani Islamic Nigerian Army.
"Peaceful rallies and marches are recognised in law all over the world so we can't stop exercising this right now because of intimidation and brutality."
IPOB also said the rally was to register the displeasure of its members over the menace of Fulani herdsmen across the states within Biafra territory.
"Therefore the deadly  march of Islamisation through Biafraland, using the cover of Fulani herdsmen, who are in essence terror group, with presidential immunity from prosecution and licensed to kill unarmed Christian populations at will,  MUST be stopped by every means necessary.
"We Biafrans abhor slavery and subjugation of human beings in whatever form or guise."
IPOB said the rally would be fully covered by international media organisations and aired live on the Biafra Radio and Television.

"Every IPOB local media team is advised to be at Igweocha to provide live video and audio feed for live simulcasting on Biafra Television, Radio Biafra and Facebook. We want to capture every moment of the rally because the whole world will be watching.

"In anticipation of mobile network disruptions as they did during the last two court appearance in Abuja, head of media will provide free satellite wi-fi feed for all those intent of broadcasting live. We must be prepared with all our gadgets and recording equipments.

"IPOB appreciates the wise counsel and support of our friends from all over the world. Freedom is not negotiable because right to self determination is inalienable. 

"This IPOB peaceful rally will feature the pictures of our able leader and prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the pictures of those detained illegally alongside him and those of President Donald Trump."


You are honest with your desire for the liberation of your people, but some of these guys in Radio Biafra or IPOB Ltd are power drunk. 

We are attacking Nigeria and her past but Iroanya and his Co are afraid of their ugly past. Let me remind you the following :

1.Nnamdi Kanu and Iroanya  labelled our Biafra elders traitors and APC hungry men. 

2. Nnamdi Kanu and Iroanya told Biafrans to cut off Dr Ikedife hand he used in handshake with Buhari. 

3 .No Pro Biafra group except Uwazurike has received funding from the public than Kanu and Iroanya group. 

4 .When Biafra Elders sent Gen Achuzia to meet with Director DSS to resolve the issue, Iroanya group asked the Elders to stay clear. Gen Achuzia from experience wanted to guide Iroanya group on the best way to move but they told the old man to go and rest that he has fought his own war. When Ikedife issued a press interview that Buhari should release Kanu to the Elders as the Elders are in charge of the struggle, Iroanya issued a press release calling Ikedife a traitor. 

5.When Elders advised Kanu to stop singing war on radio and asking for money to buy weapon, Iroanya personally wrote a letter to corporate affairs commission and Nigeria Court to deregister  BHRI and arrest Barr Emeka. 

6. Today Iroanya has ordered his boys to lynch anybody with referendum petition form. He has also tagged our operations in customary Govt of Biafra illegal. 

7. Iroanya has ordered his boys under oath with IPOB Ltd not to associate with any other Biafra group as according to him, all other groups are working for Buhari. 

Now the question is : What exactly does Iroanya and Co want?  Biafra or power?  If they want Biafra, why blackmailing every other group efforts. 

If weapon equal to truth, what is the monetary value of truth. This is because, Iroanya claimed that the only weapon Kanu has is the Truth. What happens to millions contributed for weapon of truth? 

A freedom fighter must not live inside the glasshouse!!!! 


Mr. Chadwick,
Iroanya and company boasted they can do it alone. If you have been in tune, you would have known efforts made by Ikedife to free Kanu and Iroanya's reaction .

Ask Anaenugwu. He will tell you more. Update your knowledge.


Mr Ikenna, what then have you done for Kanu to come out of prison? Iroanya has put up a reasonable propaganda including press statements that has put enough fear in the Nigerian authorities not to do anything funny with Kanu's life and has continually countered their purported secret trial which has now been dropped. Make your own effort to release him if you know the better way and stop talking without reasoning. Iroanya may not be perfect in all but that young man is making serious effort that need to be appreciated.


Ndubuisi Vincent
Forget Iroanya for now. He can only make noise from abroad. Let him step into Biafraland. But be assured our people have known better.

Is it not surprising that too date Nigeria is better than Somalia? Is it not surprising that till date, despite threats and boasts, Kanu is still on prison? Noise makers rather.

Ikenna Obibi Egeonu

Let your work speak for you. We don't mind if BVI appropriate this video into their youtube broadcasts like they have always done. It's okay, afterall we are all


Saro Wiwa treatment will soon be your portion. I saw your boys on the facebook asking people to kill anybody with Biafra Referendum petition form for the simple reason that it was not approved by Commander Nnamdi Kanu or COC Clifford Iroanya. 

May God help you. 


News on Igbo traditional -criss in jos,
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