Back to back for FC Ifeanyi Ubah and the enigma called Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Cornucopia: Once you mention Dr Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah now in Anambra state, the mind of those busybodies heating up the polity race to Anambra Governorship election billed for about November 2017 will race to his perceived candidacy. The mind will run riot on his platform and all that.
The busybodies after reading the piece and discover Ubah speaks in support of incumbent Governor Willie Obiano, he is the man and appellations will come his way, but should he say he will contest, or had a contrary view, then the heavens will be let loose with potpourri of insults and abuses on why he should aspire to be Governor when Obiano’s second term is not negotiable.
Does intimidation win election? Appeals to our consciences should have been their political tools and not war mongering and defiant posture. And not everybody falls for harassment and intimidation but a lot falls for ego massaging and appealing to their consciences. Can’t people be converted and retained without coercion?
As the insults rain, those who love Ubah’s swag and wish he becomes Governor of Anambra state would be falling to be noticed in commending him and bringing all his good deeds to the front. The appellations they heap on his strides, real strides indeed soon enters the bile of suspected supporters of his perceived opposition. Opposition because he had contested for Governor of Anambra state and probably would recontest in 2017.His position today in Anambra politics is an enigma of sorts.
And you start seeing real mudslinging against a man who did nothing to anybody in those social media platforms or even knew at the material time somebody wrote in his favour. The writer or the platform where the piece was written are all under attack and you ask yourself was this the scenario before Obiano emerged Governor? One infantile writer Ekene Okoye or Ogene from Nawfia though aides of Obiano in pseudo name attacked a post in my Blog by Stanley Chira as if I was the writer. Can’t the notice me writer differentiate between sponsored post and editorial of Odogwublog or the CEO’s stand. He attacked me and my Principal—Dr Ubah uncouth for nothing.
People wrote hell against then Governor Peter Obi and his media team replied constructively but pointedly to swing support which was achieved giving room for Obiano to emerge against all odds as Governor. And now he is Governor, every Dick and Harry must praise him or be stoned for daring to be different in opinion. I wonder what these blind supporters take real Anambra politics for, that their appreciation comes from daily shouting of Obiano is the Messiah in and out of state broadcast and print media with converted social platforms coupled with subscriptions on Channels.  I wonder where they were when we did the election. If they continue this way, sure Obiano’s supporters would make history in being first to kill during politicking in the state. He should call his blind supporters to order before they start killing people. Nobody knows who will be killed and the retaliatory killing how it would go. No team has monopoly of violence and every supporter has some pecuniary attachments not enough for a life of another. My Governor, Chief Obiano, your stance defines their operation in the next couple of weeks unless you want to have a dead body attributed to you as success story.
As the unsolicited banters continue endlessly, those who knew he is a force to reckon with for in Anambra politics and numerous youths he has empowered real time enter scene to take pounds of flesh of the perceived candidate of the masquerade behind those speaking ill of Ubah. Then the unthinkable happens as the chatroom turns to hogwash. When shall these nonsense end? Government appointees and associates should not kill every fly with sledge hammer and creating needless tension for the Governor?
Let me say emphatically that whether Dr Ubah contests or not, he is a force in the forthcoming election. If he contests , he has known better, the game of politics more than what he used to know and all the hawks that ate him raw may be at arm’s length at the contest time for the real players to do what they know how to do best.
Should he declare whatever the party, then the equation has changed but should he not and decides to support the incumbent and financial expert Governor Willie Obiano, all those e-thugs will swallow their pride and the song will change. What impudence?  Support Obiano, become a good man, deny him support, become a beast? We are watching.
Again, Ubah could decide to support Mr Oseloka Obaze, a diplomat of international repute and a change for Anambra North; he has opportunity of going South and supporting Mr Godwin Ezeemo, a wizard in business and international mogul with heart of gold. Or another business mogul Dr Chike Obidigbo whose ticket Obiano enjoys could have the support of Ubah. Whoever Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah supports will make a difference assuming he is not contesting.
Of the bunch, aside those not mentioned here only Obiano has little idea of the trenches in Anambra politics as others have experienced it in one way or the other. If Obiano knows, he wouldn’t have allowed Chinedu Obidigwe to initiate campaigns even in his first year in office which derailed much. But sure the proponents may have a plan B against the Tsunami anticipated for there is no prediction for Anambra politics. Death already has changed equation in APGA national leadership crisis , so much could happen in Anambra politics. Only God Almighty determines the affairs of men and Anambra 2017 is not an exception.
Other forces to reckon in the Anambra 2017 election are, Mr Peter Obi and Senator Uche Ekwunife, though not contenders but their supporters across board in the state made them important. Any candidate that convinces Obi and Ekwunife on their part is sure to be the next Governor, mark my words. Check how Ekwunife entered APC and within two weeks of her entry, defeated Senator Ngige’s candidate with all the paraphernalia of office at their disposal. Fast forward to APGA primary that produced Obiano and how Ekwunife trounced him but for Peter Obi. Let me not go into other of her activities like when Obi teamed up with late Prof Dora Akunyili as well as Dozie Nwankwo against her, Ekwunife crushed them.  Today Obi and Ekwunife are in same camp, which is politics. I anticipated Obiano’s lovers would be pushing for alliances ignoring some issues until they achieve their desire, rather than what is now obtainable.
Brethren, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has evolved in all ramifications especially with a solid fan base intimidating enough to put off opposition and with his creation of thousands of jobs in football, oil and gas as well as newspaper to mention but a few. There are pointers that Anambra 2017 for Ubah is a killer whatever decision he takes. I should have encouraged Obiano to support Ubah in all he could as Ubah supports him and wife in all fronts.  Let me reserve my advice since even his newspaper just one year in trail blazing news business is not patronized by the government and aides.
Against all the subterfuge planned and orchestrated by suspected loyalists of Obiano, God’s grace has been upon him and has continued to prosper his businesses as his Authority newspaper despite sabotage from brotherly quarters is a force to reckon with now in Nigerian print media business and his football team , Ifeanyi Ubah football club (FCIU) is double winners of FA cup and NFF Charity Cup just in its first year of appearance in league matches. Ubah’s team walloped Rangers International (NPFL winners) by 4 goals to 3 to be NFF Charity cup winners.

Will FCIU, a.k.a Anambra Warriors win these trophies back to back? Now FCIU has stepped forward to conquer Africa during its Intercontinental derby. Already, CAF has approved FCIU International stadium at Ozubulu/Nnewi for intercontinental matches as Al Masry of Egypt visits soon. Will the impressive outing of FCIU team in 2016 repeat in 2017? Will the 2017 CAF confederation cup competition be a glory for FCIU under Coach Yaw Preko?  
Ubah’s team for Anambra 2017 Governorship election goes to the camp with statistics enough to prepare its home work against rigging and target real voters with knowledge of polling strengths like knowing that only votes from Onitsha North is more than the entire votes from Anambra East and West. Struggling to get the real voters from Onitsha North, Peter Obi’s stronghold becomes the plan. Then Anambra Central like Nkpor to mention a few. 2017 would be as shocking as the players of FCIU shocked Rangers International.
As the opposition so to speak dissipate unnecessary energy watching out for gossip and bile that would affect would be contender in 2017 Governorship election, Chairman of FCIU is focused on the real things that would make the election a shock to all watchers once rigging and all plots by hijackers of true victory are stopped for the real Anambra 2017 winner to emerge and deliver for Ndi Anambra his or her campaign promises. Let’s go to work and stop fooling around by attacking every statement in a reactionary stance as the perceived enemy may be the messiah if not messed now.
In all these, agenda setters in my constituency ---The Journalists, should not be messed with as the key to hell is closer with them than with the Church. As at today, handlers of Obiano’s media appear to be messing with the pen pushers in some quarters but ironically Obiano loves the pen pushers more. As well, media team of some contenders for Anambra 2017 toy with the media practitioners but soon the campaign trail would be on and the true story would be told uncoloured. Brave is the watchword. 

Cornucopia is written by  Odogwu Emeka Odogwu. Odogwu is an Editor, writer, journalist, blogger, publisher and commentator on National Issues. He is based in Awka Anambra state and could be reached on 08060750240 e mail:
Back to back for FC Ifeanyi Ubah and the enigma called Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu Back to back for FC Ifeanyi Ubah and the enigma called Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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