#20 Million of W. Obiano enters voice mail in Amanuke: dares Commissioner for Education & Bishop Ibezim

Development is a calculated effort of man from his affront to use the knowledge and power to bring a better fortune to the populace. The real development of any human institution makes the nature to
become better and useful to the people. This is very reason why power ought to belong to the people just like PDP slogan goes. But this is far fetched in Amauke, a town infested by so many problems by their sons in power.

The crew of www.odogwublog.com stormed Amanuke, a town in the north side of Awka surrounded by Achalla, Urum, and Mgbakwu which received the 20 million Naira Governor Obiano gave them to develop their community but is pitifully reported by the crew of the www.odogwublog.com crew that the Power that be instead of making judicious use of the money chose to divert the money in what could be regarded as uncouth whisky-washy, Ziggy-hagger mess of the effort of the Government by building a hall that won't contain 100 persons sitting conferrably inside the very Union Primary School, Amanuke. Take a close look at the building by the left, that is one of the blocks of Union Primary School, Amanuke begging for renovation.

 An honest Government must not allow this stupidity to raise its ugly heads on the impoverished community; building hall inside the primary school. You may wish to know that our investigation revealed that Union Primary school belongs to Holy Trinity Anglican Church Amanuke which the CMS established in 1955. A source disclosed to the crew that many people in Amanuke are crying against this ugly development.

It was alleged that Rev. Can. Ike Ugoagu reacted against this incidence initially but seemed to have been "settled" and he looked away from the Union Primary School, though the school is still under Government Control. This by implication means that His Lordship Dr. Chibuzo Ibezim, the Bishop of Awka Diocese who ought by every legislation have his voice yearned against this anomaly may not be aware.
Further, www.odogwublog.com perceived that the project defied State Government Rules in relation to raising public structures in School environment. Prof. Kate Azuka Omenugha, who is the Commissioner for Education may not have known that this incidence defies her prestigious Office as Commissioner. The questions begging for answers are:
1. Why should Primary school compound be used for Civic Center Hall for Amanuke without considering the disastrous implications of distracting the teachers and pupils when the community is holding one meeting or the other?
2. Why should ASUDED or ANSIPPA support and approve this uncouth site for the structure?
3. Amanuke has 5 solid halls including the one under construction, of what use is this one that would not contain 100 persons comfortably see pictures of two: For example Eziama has a story building hall with spaces for parking cars, Amagu has two story with pent house hall, Umuonala has a story building hall, Ogbojo/Enuagu seem to have same hall, then there is one under construction belonging to one of the villages.
4. The market is directly opposite Union Primary School, Amanuke, Isn't that enough distraction and now erecting a structure inside school compound. Is it fair?

A close look at the landmark "MTN mast" shows that the the Primary school where the hall is being built though still at foundation is close to the proposed hall by one of he villages. That hall must not be allowed to be continued. Save the Union Primary School to save their children.
The very compound Union Primary school of Amanuke  has impoverished Primary School Block begging for renovation. See Pictures. Why should the Community be fooled and stifled to this level? What is the meaning of this uncouth building of another hall why the Town can boast of 5 solid halls?
See the face of Primary School for Continuity!

This pictures have revealed to us the area of land such uncouth civic hall is being built inside a school that ought to be renovated and put in its very best shape. What irritates the concerned people of Amanuke is that the Bishop of Awka Diocese heavily represented by Rev. Can. Ik Ugoagu seems to be quiet to allow this wickedness happen. Where on earth would such occur in our century? ASUDEB and ANSIPPA looked away waiting for things to fall apart.

It is ridiculous to note that Amanuke as a Town does not have Igwe nor substantive President General but the attempt to enthrone people's choice in Igweship was infested by the power broker. Hence, Amanuke became chaotic in every sense of it.

Look at what Amanuke has as Market and judge if it is not foolishness to leave these needs to send the money to voice mail.

Judge why the people of Amanuke would be happy with the idea of leaving reality and pursing shadow. This ugly development is what Governor Peter Obi before his campaign asked: "Is Anambra State cursed or are we the curse"?  Effort should be made to draw the attention of the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kate Azuka Omenugha and ANSIPPA/ASUDEB to cancel this uncouth plan and channel the 20 million Naira properly just like other neighbouring communities did.

www.odogwublog.com conducted brief interview and noted that Amanuke people are never support of this things fall apart from the powers that be and lamented that the Priest who ought to raise alarm to the Bishop for Anglican Diocese of Awka is not doing such to stop this people from raising such structure in Union Primary School compound when there are other critical needs to rebuild the primary school block in sight, build market and use the money to finish up other halls that needs finishing touches

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