Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's "No to Buhari"

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and it's leadership wants to use this medium to inform the entire world how peaceful, orderly and organized the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB under the leadership of the prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu conducted the "No to Buhari" protest of the 22 December 2016 in the face of harassment and intimidation by the Nigeria security agencies.

Despite the presence of heavily armed and menacing looking men of the predominantly Hausa Fulani Islamic Nigerian Army, Riot (Mobile) Police, Civil Defence and regular Nigeria Police, we peacefully conducted our protest without any incident or trouble. We are a naturally peaceful people and have remained so regardless of the Nigerian Government sponsored killings, arrests, intimidation, harassment and humiliation.
Biafrans as a people, from Igbanke (Igboakiri) in Edo State to Bakassi Peninsula and from the plains of Idomaland to the marshlands of Izon have been at the receiving end of the worst systematic and calculated brutality aimed at rendering us irrelevant in our own lands. The Buhari regime hid under the pretext of maintaining a non existent public order breakdown to prioritise the elimination of Biafrans with the active connivance of some state governors. This is regardless of the compelling fact backed up by evidence that all IPOB protests and marches were all peaceful. Till date no local government chairman, businessmen or traders can say that IPOB was involved in the disruption of their business activities. Therefore the Nigerian Government of Mohamadu Buhari cannot justify the wholesale massacre of innocent men and women whose only crime is to agitate for their irreducible right to self determination.

IPOB have never committed any crime or wrong doing in all our previous public protest from October 2015 till date. Our demand for freedom and independence away from Nigeria is as a direct result of the kidnapping and illegal detention of our God given leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This brought home to millions of people over the world the level of injustice and subjugation of a peaceful people, especially against a background of poverty, deprivation, plunder and criminal exploitation of the resources in Biafraland.
The recent protest in Enugu decisively proved the Nigeria Government and her media propaganda machines wrong. The entire world can see how IPOB organised themselves without any crime during the the protest until the end on the 22nd December 2016 at Enugu.
The world should ask Nigeria government and her security agencies where, how and when IPOB became violent to justify the brutal military crackdown when the fourth most dreaded terror group on the world the Fulani Herdsmen are busy killing we Biafrans as well with Buhari doing nothing about it. No media outlet has ever reported the prosecution of One single Fulani Herdsmen in connection with the innumerable attacks and atrocities they committed. Fulani Herdsmen are immune from Operation This and That regularly lunched by the Nigerian Army to remind every component part of Nigeria that everybody is under Fulani Caliphate ridership.
We Biafrans believe in live and let others live, the Nigeria government and her security agents believe in killing innocent people without provocation. People of good conscience around the world, especially United Nations Human Rights Commission and United Nations Security Council should ask the Buhari led Nigeria Government and her security agencies why they always kill unarmed members of IPOB.

    Time is running out!

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