Biafran Campaign Extra ordinary by Mazi Peter Ejirika (Veteran of Onne Campaign)

Umu Mazi, Ndi Biafra: Feliz Navidad

To the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ, this is the beginning of a New Day.  From now on, we will mount the pressure cognitively, intellectually and otherwise on the oppressor.  Therefore, in the name of All humans who have lost their lives on account of Biafra starting from Dede Jaja of Opobo in 1863 through the White American who burnt himself in 1966 to all who were killed in the genocide of 1966 to present, may I employ all Biafrans to adopt the Division of Labor grounded in the Doctrine of Comparative Advantage in the Self-Determination Struggles. Simply stated, how effective will a Butcher or a Foolani Herdsman be in serving as a surgeon in performing the procedures of a heart transplant or a Foolani Cleric serve as a Lawyer in a Constitutional Case in a Court in London?   In the Foolani Herdsman example, the body of the individual been operated upon can be torn open but will the efforts and the good intensions of the herdsman save the life of the person been operated upon?  I leave Biafrans to answer that question individually and severally.  In a like manner, can a Foolani Cleric argue a constitutional case in an English Court in favor of his client?  Though the Cleric can talk and argue but the technicalities involved in the case is beyond talking and the ability to argue.  By the same token, having Dr. Ikedife a renown physician and one of the first premier doctors in Nigeria serve as head of Ohaneze Fraternity and focusing all his attention and intellect on the grand succession of the "Ime Obi Fraternity" is a gross underutilization of his skills as a physician. This is what the division of labor grounded in the doctrine of comparative advantage as applied in Biafran Self-Determination Struggles is all about.  Applying legendary Fela's language, the interest of the general good would be better served if an OKADA Driver will function as an Okada driver in the struggle and leave the plane for an airline pilot to operate.  For instance, our Pastorized  Osemoto Lawyer told one of our physicians who functions as the president of the customary government that the United Nations has granted Biafra a license with which to enter into treaties with other members of the international community.  What a Buhari Lie, by this I mean the kind of lie that is told to someone without a basic knowledge of the subject matter in question.  For example, the Governor of Nigerian Central Bank told Buhari that the Recession that is ravaging Nigeria to doldrums will come to an end in December 2016 when the downturn in their economy has not descended to the trough of the downward trend.  Dr. Ikedife, you will do Biafra and future generations greater good if you will help Biafra to design and develop a PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM for Biafra has none and the one we will inherit from Nigeria is a "ROACH MOTEL TYPE OF PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM".  In this type of Public Health System, Biafrans Check In but they can't Check Out so Dr. Ikedife focus your attention on this anomaly and the Social Science and Liberal Arts Professionals as Professors Who will do theirs. A story is told of the Eritrean Self-Determination Struggles of the Seventies in which Eritreans had an association in Houston, Texas by the name of Eritrea Government in Exile but the unique characteristic of this association is that none of its members had ever worked for any type of government before either local, county, city, state or central government.  I pray Biafra does not repeat a similar mistake.  Biafra, the struggle is ours to loose.  Suffice it to state that Biafra needs the following:
1.    For our Doctors to design and develop a Public Health System
2.    For our Constitutional Lawyers and Drafters to design and develop our Judicial System
3.    For our Economists and Econometricians to design and develop our Economic system along with the simulations
4.    For our Education Administrators and members of the Academia to design and develop our Educational System
5.    For our Technocrats to design and develop our Administrative System
In this arrangement, everyone has a role to play in that a physician will not function as a technocrat and a technocrat will not function as a physician neither will a technocrat function as an engineer as in the case of Nigeria where their national buildings battle with the forces of gravity every now and then.  Biafra learn from the selection of the membership of Trump's Cabinet.  Hail Biafra, Udodiriunu.

Mazi Peter Ejirika
(Veteran of Onne Campaign)


Biafran Campaign Extra ordinary by Mazi Peter Ejirika (Veteran of Onne Campaign) Biafran Campaign Extra ordinary by Mazi Peter Ejirika (Veteran of Onne Campaign) Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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